To build a portal to heaven in Minecraft without mods impossible. So download mod forge for minecraft 1.5.2. Thanks to this add-on to the game you will have the opportunity to get into a parallel dimension and meet with God of Minecraft, rising above the surface of the earth, and find a new rare breed.
For installing the mod clear the folder META-INF minecraft.jar, move the unzipped forge META-INF.
Find material glowstone and make a frame out of 4 blocks horizontally and six blocks vertically. To get a glowing stone in hell of Minecraft. During the construction of the frame could be saved – not to fill glowstone the corners of the future portal or replace the glowing stones on any other material.
When you make a portal to heaven in Minecraft, it will need to be run. Take a bucket of water and pour it into the frame. The portal to heaven will be activated and you will be able to get into a new world in Minecraft.
To make a portal to heaven in Minecraft even easier, check out video tutorial below.