Building in Minecraft is needed because buildings will serve the players fortress, reliable protection that can protect them from other players and mobs (computer enemies).

How to build a castle in Minecraft

In order to build a castle in Minecraft, the character must choose a court where he will work. It's always best to select a smooth place, next to which will be the major resources and materials: wood, stone, etc. Experienced players recommend to choose flat areas on top of rocks and mountains. Such an arrangement only complicate the path to your home mobs.

For the construction we need to recruit a large number of bricks and stone. The exact number of resources the player determines for himself, based on the size of castle, number of buildings etc. If the person can't decide what kind of form should make him a castle in Minecraft, you can focus on buildings of other players or pictures of real medieval castles and bastions.

Below the castle stood strongly and for a long time, it is important to dig a hole under the Foundation. The deeper and wider it is, the more reliable will be the structure. After the Foundation you need to build the walls and roof. For the first you can use the stone blocks for the latter clay.

Do not forget about the doors and Windows. Gate and the entrance can protect the wooden structure and window openings – bars. If the character cares about its security, it can make the loopholes, strengthening their steel bars.

Interior trim castle, the player can make, focusing on their own tastes and preferences. It may be reasonable to provide a few rooms for workshop, resources, equipment, etc.

How to build a portal to Heaven/Hell without mods

Paradise is one of the locations in Minecraft. It is not available in normal conditions, items, resources, mobs, etc. to get to this place, the player needs to build the portal. If a gamer doesn't want to spend time on it, he could use the mod. If the character wants to build their own portal to Paradise, he must perform a few steps:

  • to go to Hell and collect glowing stone or svetopisi;
  • find a workbench and create from the resources of luminous blocks;
  • to build from the material rectangle 4x4;
  • to put between the doors water.

To build a portal to Hell without mods, you need to do the same actions. Only instead of glowing blocks need to use the obsidian, and the water is lighter.

How to build a portal to the Ender world

The Ender world is another location worth visiting the residents of Minecraft. Its expanse resides a powerful Dragon. If the character will be able to impress him, he will get an incredible amount of treasure.

To get to the location is possible through the portal. It is possible to either find or build yourself. To find the design, the player will need the artifact the Eye of Ender. The subject will act as a compass in the search portal.

To build the portal, the player will need 12 artifacts and the same number of blocks. Erecting the same construction as in the previous cases, the character need to put one Eye on each of the blocks. All that remains is to log into the portal .But it is not necessary to go to the Ender world unprepared, so as to defeat the Dragon is very difficult.