The greatest number of useless substances accumulate in the intestine. In the multimeter can be deposited on remnants of food that give a feeling of heaviness and discomfort. Many doctors recommend to clean the intestines in a variety of ways. And it really works.

With proper cleansing of the intestine, the body loses 4 kg of weight. Appears ease, improves digestion, and it helps to improve metabolism. But not all methods are useful and need to know about it.

Laxative teas for bowel cleansing

The simplest way of colon cleanse — laxative teas. They are based on natural components, such as the herb Senna or buckthorn. Or artificial substances.

This tea is very simple — it irritates the walls of the stomach and intestines, the body reacts to it like poison, so he tried to withdraw as quickly as possible. Concentration is not large, therefore, this poisoning does not occur, but frequent visit to the toilet ensured.

In addition, the body has no time to absorb many minerals, such as potassium and calcium. They are displayed together with tea and food. The body begins to feel the lack of substance, suffers, in the first place skin, hair and nails, and secondly, the cardiovascular system.

Teas possess or diuretic or laxative effect. Those that derive water, reduce the swelling, but does not lead to the cleansing of the body. They remove the liquid, but as soon as stopped drinking it, the weight comes back again.

To use teas for more than two weeks is not recommended. When buying see contraindications. Teas are forbidden to use during pregnancy, lactation, diseases of urine-genital system, cardio-vascular disease and many other diseases.

Laxative tea is not a cure. Consider them to be dietary supplements (biologically active additives), so they do not pass a medical examination and do not always have to package all the information you need.

Colon hydrotherapy to cleanse the bowel

Many health and beauty salons offer to clean the intestines by the method of colon hydrotherapy. In people, this tool is called enema. Do they make them in different sizes and different solutions.

This method flushes the contents of the intestine, giving ease, but along with the stool vacated by the natural microflora. Such procedures are indispensable before abdominal surgery or before medical examination, but not regularly.

It is possible to use the method at home. Folk medicine offers a variety of substances add to the liquid to perform the procedure. For example, boiled water with lemon, diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide. Be careful when choosing a solution, after all the possible side effects or even Allergy.

Intestinal cleanse with food

The safest way to clean the intestines is to change the diet. There are short-term, but they can cause discomfort or long-term, but simple and effective.

It only takes a few days to safely and gently bring all the toxins from the gastrointestinal tract, to use a technical mess. Half a Cup of rice mixed with half Cup of oats, rinse and pour 2.5 cups of water. Simmer until thick. Porridge should have a few tablespoons of 3-4 days in the morning and evening. It has a strong laxative effect. During this period, all the toxins will be withdrawn.

Using flax flour to hold homemade colon cleanse is simple and secure. Use it for 3 weeks according to the schedule. First week morning or evening for 1 tablespoon daily, the second 7 days — 2 scoops, and on the third week — 3 tablespoons. To easily swallow the powder, mix it with yogurt, jelly or other liquid. Flaxseed meal can be bought in a specialty store or grind flax seed, which are often found in pharmacies.

Eating large amounts of fiber also cleanses the intestines. The rule is there are many fruits or vegetables. Within 2-3 weeks eat only vegetarian food without meat and fish. The effect is reached, when after every meal you will need to visit the toilet. This is the optimal mode of operation of the digestive system, which should aim at.

Whichever method of colon cleanse you choose, you will get reduction in weight of 3-4 kg, the decrease belly a few inches. But this is not the reduction of adipose tissue, namely the output of the waste components.