Take a laxative the drug if you need to clean the intestines as soon as possible. Fast acting magnesium. Dissolve 1 packet in a glass of water, drink in one gulp and wash down with juice or take in your mouth a spoonful of sugar. Magnesium has a bitter taste, but it works well. This day better not get out of the house, as the toilet will pull hard and often. After 10-12 hours the drug will stop.
Try to clear the bowels more gentle way, if the first option you for some reason are not suitable. Take light laxatives, for example, "Guttalaks", "Senada" or similar preparations. But do not resort to using them too often, otherwise the bowel will become lazy and cease to self-clean.
Take a cleansing enema, if you want to release the bowel from all of the content and not run to the toilet every minute, as from laxatives. Boil several liters of water, cool and enter into the rectum with a mug Esmarch. To enhance the effect, add water magnesia powder or regular baby soap.
Drink at least 3 liters of fluid. Well improve the intestinal fruit juices with pulp. Also eat fruits and vegetables in its pure form. The more will come of ballast substances, the better the digestive process.
In the morning, eat a tablespoon of honey and the same of olive oil. Then drink a glass of cool boiled water. Diarrhea will not be, but regular use of these products job of the intestine is normalized, and it will be free from toxins.
Go to a gastroenterologist if the bowel problems continue. It is possible that you have a poorly working liver or pancreas. If all goes well with the body, radically revise the diet, avoid salted, oily and spicy food, eat less cereals and bread – this could provoke indigestion.