In a big city many obstacles to good reception signal of the cellular network. Is and subways and tall buildings, the subway, the signal is reduced even in buses and cars.
Amplify the signal and achieve a reliable reception is possible in several ways.
If you need small signal gain - gain antenna amplifier. You can use it with any types of mobile devices. The amplifier has a small size (about 25*35 mm and 0.3 mm in thickness)and is placed under the battery of mobile phone by simply sticking on the rear panel.
Antenna amplifier redistributes electromagnetic energy and increases the power of the transmitted signal.
Cost - 1000 rubles.
To enhance the signal in the office, apartment or basement, install a gsm repeater. It is a bi-directional amplifier antenna type. The repeater is installed outside the building. The principle of operation does not differ from conventional antennas, a first reception signal, then the gain, and the signal transmission cell phone.
Repeater works in the range of 900 or 1800 MHz and supports frequency Damps, CDMA450, CDMA800. In the range of a simple repeater, the number of simultaneously committed conversations is 12. Speaking of expensive complex systems, the plank of simultaneous conversations rises to 100-150.
The cost of high-quality gsm repeater is about 20 thousand rubles.
If you have enough amplification of the signal from the gsm repeater, install the booster.
The booster is a signal booster gsm standard, the principle of operation is virtually identical to the repeater. The only difference is that the booster sends the signal to only one phone. The maximum amplification of the signal can be achieved by connecting the booster with gsm-wire (through antenna adapter"). The advantages of the booster can also be attributed to the presence of the noise reduction filter and a large distance of signal reception (at least 30-35 km to the "rigs").
The cost of the booster - from 10 thousand rubles.