You will need
  • Copper or aluminum wire with a cross-section of 3-5 mm.
  • Enameled wire diameter 0.3-0.5 mm
  • Cardboard or wood
For radioreceptionand all bands got one rule. Each antenna should be located as high as possible above ground level. If the receptionprobability no antenna, it is necessary to make. For LW, MW and SW antenna can serve as a long uninsulated copper or aluminum wire. The antenna length can reach 40 m.
If the receptionNika is antenna socket, the antenna connection is not a problem. In the absence of aerial nests as follows. From scrap materials (e.g. cardboard or wood) to make a box or frame in which to place the welcomenick. The frame wrap 5-10 turns of enameled wire. One end of the wire to ground (e.g. Central heating), connected to another antenna. Frame in this case provides an inductive coupling with an internal antenna. The position of the reception of thenick relative to the frame pick up empirically.
On VHF you can also use an external antenna, which is quite suitable multi-element TV antenna "the Wave channel". Such antennas are used as antennas for the collective receptionand television. Sometimes they can still be found on the roofs of houses. The connection to the antenna is via a coaxial cable, and the antenna itself should be aimed at the transmitting station. In any case, the area of reliable receptionand even a powerful VHF station will not exceed 50 km.
Noise can be combated in three ways. The first option is a directional antenna. The method is applied to all ranges. On medium and long wave, receiving, is equipped with a ferrite antenna, is achieved by a rotation of the loop antenna or the receptionof Nika in search of better receptionand with the least amount of interference.
For getting rid of noise on medium, long and short wave make a loop antenna. It is a wooden rhombic or square frame with sides of 50 cm On the frame and spool of copper enameled wire with a diameter 0.3-0.5 mm. Number of coils may be about 10. A frame or include in the socket of the antenna and land on receivingtheir names, or if one antenna socket, the second branch of the frame connected to metal chassis receivingnick or grounded. Turning the frame, it is possible to accurately tune in a station and build up in the prevent interference.
You can also apply outer "antizombie antenna. They represent a concentrated capacity, connects to vertical descent (wire) leading to the antenna Jack receptionnick. As a focused tank can be used, for example, a metal rim of a Bicycle wheel with spokes and hub mounted on a vertical mast isolated — for example, on a wooden pole.
In any case, the quality of the signal relative to noise is determined by the value of the ratio of signal to noise. And the more powerful the received signal is the easier to build up from noise simply by reducing the volume. Directional antenna for VHF, as a rule, look like television. In the receptionof Nike try to build up from noise, narrowing the bandwidth of the receptionnick. Some receptionnikah there is a special switch. This method is suitable for telecommunication and is not well suited for receptionand transmission art.