Often after childbirth a woman has to look not only for baby but also for stitches as the result of dissection or rupture of the perineum, vagina or cervix. The seams require daily care in the hospital is carried out nurses. After discharge from the hospital the woman needs to follow closely the sutures, preventing infection.
Seams in the nursing home is performed using a weak solution of manganese, brilliant green or "Furatsilinom". Antiseptic disinfects the wound surface and dries it, accelerating the healing. If the doctor stitches of absorbable material, after 2-3 months of surgical sutures disappear. Their presence should not interfere with treatment of damaged tissues.
Internal sutures on the cervix and the vaginal walls do not require any anesthesia, no special treatment. They will dissolve and do not need care. This is not the case with external stitches on the perineum.
Taking care of seams in the crotch area, it is very important to keep clean. To ensure the sterility of such joints is virtually impossible, so the first week after birth a woman needs every 1-2 hours to change sanitary pads and wash. Each time washing away the seam is treated with an antiseptic. The choice of treatment products to better align with the doctor. Most often for the care of the seams using the solution of brilliant green, "Solcoseryl", "Chlorhexidine", "Levomekol", "Malavit", "Help". Also, many doctors recommend the use of scar ointment "Contractubex" - it accelerates the healing of the joint and promotes the resorption of scar.
To make the stitches heal faster, they should not be hurt. To avoid injury, use glycerin suppository for bowel movement. The use of a mild laxative in the first weeks after birth will help to avoid overstress healing tissues. Underwear should be lightweight and breathable – suitable for this purpose cotton or disposable panties. For healing scars need constant access to fresh air. It is not recommended after giving birth to wear tight synthetic underwear that rubs and hurts the joints. Also synthetics are not breathable and promotes the development of pathogenic bacteria in the damaged region.
If complications arise in the form of swelling of the joints or the appearance of purulent content, you need to consult a doctor. For the treatment of festered scar is often used the ointment Vishnevsky.