You will need
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - Zelenka;
  • - sterile bandage;
  • - wool, cotton swabs or disks.
First, go to the pharmacy. Buy hydrogen peroxide, disinfectant and sterile bandages. Also need to buy and sterile cotton wool, but it can replace the usual cotton pads or sticks. If you have ceased to bandage still in the hospital, then you don't need it. Bandage somewhat prolongs the healing period, as the wound under it gets wet. In any case, consult your doctor, but you can be sure that no bandage seam will not disperse, it only prevents the penetration of infection inside.
Handle seam several times a day. Especially carefully it is necessary to do after you take a shower. Remember that we can wash in 7 days, but sometimes doctors are allowed to do it in a day after surgery. While washing do not touch the seam with the sponge, as even almost healed the scar can be damaged. After hygiene DAB the seam with a bandage. Hydrogen peroxide can simply pour a thin stream on top of the scar or to impregnate her with a cotton pad and wipe the skin. Wait until it dries out a bit. Then apply directly on the seam Zelenka with a cotton swab or a disk.
At the end of the procedure apply a sterile dressing. Treat the seam until then, until it is completely healed. Sometimes the scar is damaged only in one place, so even after 2-3 weeks may be blood or fluid. Treat the problem area of the seam until the full scarring of the tissue. Threads you will be removed in 7-14 days, it depends on the type of seam and operations, as well as the healing process. After removing the thread wound should be treated in the same method a few more days.