Zello - walkie-talkie for smart phone and computer

Zello is an application that allows you to turn your smartphone into real walkie talkie. There are Zello version for smartphones based on operating systems Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. There's also a version designed for use on desktops running Windows.

The use of the program

Use Zello is very simple. When you first start the program will prompt you to register the service and specify personal information (username, password, email address). To configure the microphone to check the functioning of Zello, you can use special robot Echo - by default it will be displayed in the contacts list.

Zello lets you chat with other subscribers, both directly and through channels. Channel Zello - this is an analogue frequency ordinary radio. You can create your own feeds or subscribe to existing ones. Channels can be public (available to everyone) and closed (access to them is carried out by password).

To speak with a person in the mode of the radio, select the contact and then press and hold the PTT button. You will hear a beep, after which you can start talking. When you're finished your message, release the button.

If another person on your contacts list at a time until you passed the message, also addressed to you is delivered to you the message is automatically recorded in the background and will be played as soon as you finish talking.

To block any user, it is enough to remove it from the list of contacts. If he will make a second request for authorization, in the appeared menu you have to press "Lock".

In order to listen to the message history, you need to select a contact or channel and click on "Latest".

To add a person to contacts, just go to the Actions menu / Add contact". Then you need to specify the username or e-mail address. After Zello will find the subscriber in its database, will send the authorization request. Zello version designed for smartphones that support the search and address book.

Zello version for the computer's functionality does not differ from the versions designed for smartphones. With only one exception - Zello for personal computers a few "crooked", its interface is not as convenient and slightly complicated.