To make mobile phone radio with app Zello-walkie-talkie download which is completely free in the Google Play Market. The application does not require serious hardware resources of the mobile device and will even work on low-cost mobile devices. In addition, the application developers take care of the maintenance Zello-walkie-talkie for all popular mobile platforms and a version for desktop computers.

How to begin to use your mobile phone as a walkie-talkie?

Previously mobile application Zello has already been mentioned. So, you need to find it and install on your mobile device. Download the app on the official website Zello, which presents a version for Android, iOS, Windows, etc.

After installing Zello-walkie-talkie mobile phone you need to register in the app. The developers tried to simplify and everything you need for registration is to come up with a username and password and enter your e-mail address. Activation is not required immediately after registration all the features of the app will be available. Optional when you register a profile, you can upload a photo, add information, or share the link to your website or social network page.

Communication by walkie-talkie Zello: where to start?

To communicate by means of mobile walkie talkie Zello with friends and strangers from all corners of the planet. And often communicate by radio users in special channels. To create such a channel can each user.

Types of channels in the radio two – outdoor and indoor. The first is more common, and join that by clicking on it in the list of channels and selecting the option "join". Depending on the settings chosen by the administrators of the channel connecting the user becomes either a listener or a full-fledged participant. But it is worth remembering that even in open channels for swearing and other signs of abnormal behavior can block. For lock only a single channel, the user account remains.

Closed type channel is preferable for private conversations. After all, radio is rarely used for Dating and idle talk, for such lessons are more suitable for voice chats. The radio can also be used to conduct a search of games or truck drivers, for communication groups the convoy drivers. More recently, private channels that are password protected are also used for communication between people in combat zones, to coordinate within groups. To eavesdrop on the private channel the radio is almost impossible.