You will need
  • The radio repeater
To increase the capacity of the station supplied to an external antenna, use the radio repeater. The amplifier allows you to improve the quality of the signal without introducing distortion in its structure.
The radio repeater changes the characteristics of the hardware only when the device is operating in the transmit mode. On the reception signal from the other respondents the use of the amplifier is not affected. Some manufacturers build in amplifiers circuits, and amplifying the received signal, but with the amplification of the useful signal in this case also increase noise.
When you connect the amplifier insert it into the gap of the antenna cable, between radio and external antenna. Connect the thick wires to the amplifier power supply. If the amplifier is placed on the car station wire connect to the "positive" terminal of the battery, protecting it near the fuse terminals. The "minus" wire pick up the same diameter and minimum length.
A large cross section of the wires is required to provide a possible "drawdown" of the voltage in the wires of the power supply, because the amplifier consumes while transmitting a very high current. Short negative wire to limit the impact of resonance in power circuits. This wire must be securely fastened, as its breakage can sometimes lead to equipment failure.
Well adjust the antenna connected to the amplifier, and keep it in order. Pressing shift on the negotiating device when the antenna is disconnected or damaged cable can cause damage to the amplifier.