You will need
  • browser;
  • connection to the Internet.
To view the web address stream of a particular radio station, open the view page source from the view menu or by clicking on the page, right-click, depending on which browser you use.
Next, go to search by code, use Ctrl+F and in the form that appears, query for the following key: < option id="..." selected="selected" value='|... Instead of the dots write the correct name of the radio station. Press Enter, then you should found a long string, containing in the middle of the thread code for the radio.
In the appearing search result, copy the address of the thread. It will start at “radio=” and end with “&url”. The contents of these two parts and you need to insert into the client that you use to listen to the radio, for example, the player AIMP or messenger Miranda IM. Please note that many of the programs to listen to the radio unable to find ' threads.
Please note that often in the address of the thread will also tell you the bitrate of the music being played, so if you want to increase or decrease, enter the values 96, 128, 240, or 360 if it's available for the current station. Just find one of these values in the address and replace it with the desired. If everything will work, then change the bit rate available for this station.
Please note that many radio stations are sometimes placed the address of the thread on the official site or forum, if there is one, for example, You can also learn the flow of the station you are interested, by searching the Internet for her name. Usually such records are often found in blogs and town forums.