Purchase car radio. If your car is provided a niche for its installation, you can easily put it there. If no, it is set in absolutely any place. Thus it should be easily accessible and have excellent ventilation to prevent overheating of the device.
Do not mount the radio , where is the path of the air flow from the air conditioner or stove. Quite often the radio is mounted under the glove box or between the seats of driver and passenger.
Determine the most convenient from your point of view, a place to mount a car radio there and mark the holes to install the mounting brackets. It is supplied with the device. Don't forget to think about protecting your radio from theft. It may have a removable slide or be embedded in front panel.
Drill holes for fasteners. Before you start drilling, check to see whether you relate to the wiring of the car. To restore it after damage does not always work easily and quickly.
Determine what your automotive radio power supply. If the wrong connection of the radio to a power source will decrease the output power of the device. It is best to connect the radio to the battery directly, namely, to its terminals (plus and minus).
Use to connect the radio to the powered copper wire. Eliminate crossing the power wire with the alleged sources of interference. Use a shield made of ferromagnetic wire, which is protected from oxidation.
Select the correct installation location of the antenna after mounting a car radio in the car. Ideally, you'll be able to put the antenna on the roof in the center of the cab. Connect the antenna and the radio.
The setting of the equipment trust professionals.