Connect the SWR meter between the radio and the antenna. Put on it the arrow on the "0" mark, turn and press the transmission button on the PTT or the radio. Arrow immediately falter and show the true SWR. It is the lower the better. A perfect score of 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 sometimes. If the indicator is higher, will damage your transmission. Therefore, it is necessary to look for the cause either in the wire or the antenna or radio transmitter.
Setup the radio. It is made to a specific grid (usually the grid). So, for example, if you work with 15 m and 19-m TV tuning better done in the middle – at the time of configuration the radio must be on the 17th channel. It should be remembered that after setting the channel move the magnetic base even a short distance can capture all of the CWS, therefore, pre-select the place, knowing that the antenna will be installed there.
Adjust the antenna. To do this, simply loosen the screws at its base and lower or raise the pin inside the coil or Vice versa, respectively. Some types of antennas are governed by "biting" extra long pin. However, you should consider the point that if there is too much to raise the pin of the antenna up while driving it can pull counter flow of the wind. Tip for those who buy the antenna – if the pin is sold separately from the coil, and the seller claims that it is set – nothing like that. The antenna must be aligned with your radio directly to your car.
When buying be sure to ask for the configuration of the CWS. Not tuned antenna capable of disabling the radio during transmission, and at best you will lose in the transmission output power of the signal. If the pin is already in the coil, then most likely, the antenna is configured on the grid C.