The scope of application of the drug

Copper sulphate is very actively used in alternative medicine. It is used since ancient times and has the ability to heal following diseases: sciatica, epilepsy, and periarthritis. Also, the sulfate is used in the treatment of various tumors.

Apply copper sulphate for medicinal purposes, making him a special ointment. For its preparation take a small pinch of powder and dissolve it in 500 ml of warm boiled water, then leave the liquid to steep for days in a dark place. Accept the thus obtained mixture on an empty stomach 50 ml. the use of the tincture of vitriol has a slight sedative effect on the human body, which is expressed in balancing the nervous system.

Copper sulphate is used in the treatment of different kinds of malignant tumors, but the most lasting effect, it provides for the treatment of tumors of the stomach, intestines and mammary glands. Funds, prepared on the basis of this material, perfectly block various inflammatory processes, stimulate the immune system and protective functions of the human body, reduce the time of ripening of the boils, to soothe pain and help to protect against various infectious diseases and also contribute to significant reduction of disease duration.

The effectiveness of bathing with copper sulphate

The most effective method of application of copper sulfate is considered to be taking baths with his solution. This therapy allows people suffering from a mild form of diabetes get rid of insulin dependency. In severe form of this disease sulphate reduces the consumption of insulin of more than 4 times. In addition, the ointment on the basis of this material helps you completely destroy the nail fungus for a one-time application. On the basis of copper sulphate and olive oil cook wonderful warming means effective for arthritis and various injuries.

Before using the product need to be mandatory to consult with a qualified professional to detect possible contraindications of the use of the tool and prevent the occurrence of side effects. You must also remember that copper sulfate is quite toxic and substances more than 30 g orally can cause poisoning and even death.