You will need
  • The glass plate or saucer, copper sulfate, clearcoat
Buy copper sulfate, or copper sulfate can be in any shop for repairs or gardening, because the purpose of copper sulphate in the spraying of trees and shrubs from pests. There is no need to use specialized chemical utensils, and all the laboratory manipulations can be performed in an ordinary Cup and saucer.
First preparing primary saturated salt solution. To do this, take half a Cup of hot water and dissolve half a teaspoon of copper sulphate. After complete dissolution of the repeat dissolution of salt until then, until it ceases to dissolve. Thus, you get a saturated solution of copper sulphate.
To the crystals was beautiful and clean, it is necessary the mixture is filtered, and as quickly as possible, before the crystallization. The filtrate obtained is poured into a saucer and cover glass (you can not cover it up, but if dust or insects into the solution will be contaminated and eventually the crystals will lose their purity).
Through the day, and perhaps earlier, it is already possible to observe the precipitated small crystals. They appear a lot, and some of them are clusters, and some single trees. It is the latest diamond crystals and need to pay attention. For further work it is necessary to choose crystals most correct form without any inclusions or impurities.
Then again, preparing a solution of copper sulphate, which is now called the fallopian, and in a similar way. The filtrate obtained is poured into a saucer or plate and carefully placed it the selected crystals in an amount of from 2 to 5 pieces. An important condition is them distant from each other location, or during their own growth they can talk among themselves and then the formed crystals will not work. Then close the capacity of the glass and from time to time prepare a new stock solution and carefully pour to the previous one, in which the younger crystals.
Takes a few weeks to grow crystals of copper sulphate in the form of a beautiful diamond-shaped formations of saturated blue. Just need to remember that the product is very fragile and gradually loses water, becoming a soft powder blue color is the anhydrous salt, that is, in other words is the destruction of the crystals. So in order to preserve their cover with a colourless varnish.
Similarly, we can obtain the "miracle stone" on the thread, if you just position the original obtained crystals along the bone on the bottom of the dish. The end result is self-made necklace of blue jewels. The grown crystals can be a subject of pride of their own achievements in the field of chemistry.