You will need
  • - sulphate of copper;
  • water;
  • - a glass;
  • - a thread;
  • - gauze or filter paper;
  • - sand bath;
  • spoon for stirring;
  • - ceramic tiles;
  • - Petri dishes or glass cover.
Create a saturated solution of copper sulphate. 200 ml of water at 20oC is required not less than 72 g CuSO(4). A small crystal of salt will attach to the thread and drop a seed into the solution. Cover the container with gauze or filter paper. Allow the solution to slowly evaporate at room temperature. This method to grow the crystal is quite long, it can take weeks or even months.
With increasing temperature water solubility of copper sulfate increases. But since 80 ° C is little change. Pour 300 ml water into a large glass, add 200 g of copper sulfate, put on a sand bath, heat. From time to time stir the solution until all the salt is dissolved.
Remove from sand bath beaker, place on a ceramic tile and allow the solution to cool. Make a seed – crystal of sulphate of copper on a string. The seed can be dissolved, but it doesn't matter. The bulk of the copper sulfate will precipitate.
Remove the thread from the solution, repeat the procedure. Again heat the beaker on a sand bath until the precipitate dissolved. Turn off heat, cover with a glass Petri dish or just a glass lid, wait for a while.
Make the solution a seed crystal, cover glass, and leave overnight. The morning thread is formed on the crystal size 5 cm This is a quick way to grow a crystal of copper sulfate.
The fast method seed does not matter, you can omit even the "empty" string. The remaining after the experience of the use solution for slow growing large crystals.