Advice 1: Can the Church not to baptize children born out of wedlock

Many come to the temple in the great Church holidays, appeal to the clergy for communion, confession, etc., In Christian families baptize their children, but not every priest will agree to conduct this ritual with a child born out of wedlock.
Can the Church not to baptize children born out of wedlock
Baptism is the beginning of a spiritual journey, the entrance to the community of believers. This ceremony means a willingness to follow Christ and follow the teachings of the gospel. The Church baptizes all the children, whose parents agreed to conduct the sacraments and went to Church.

Why a priest can refuse to baptise a child born out of wedlock?

In some churches the priests refuse to baptize children born out of wedlock. They attribute this to the fact that a birth outside of marriage is sin, adultery. However, officially the Church has no right to refuse the sacrament of baptism, because all are equal before God.

The priest Vasily Yunak also does not give a concrete answer to this question, but explains why in some churches the priests refuse to baptize children born out of wedlock. God and the Church the same way you see all events, but if the Lord feels the heart and understands the true meaning, people rely on external factors. Birth outside of marriage is a sin, the Church can not permissive to treat this. Even if a priest willing to baptize the child, he must condemn transgression.

If the priest refused to perform the sacrament, the Lord will take a person child, because a baby should not be responsible for the actions of their parents. Growing up, he will make a decision about baptism. Do I need to pay attention to the people who condemn having children outside of marriage, and listen to priests denying the sacrament? It is only you can decide.

What if the Church refused to baptize a child?

If one Church refused to help in the baptism of the child, it does not mean that all clergy are against the Ordinance, with children born out of wedlock. If the priest refuses to baptize, please contact another Church. Some mothers in these cases are not solved at the baptism of an infant, give the child the opportunity to perform the sacrament after the age of majority.

"God wills everything" - say many priests. That is why most of them are rarely interested in a child born in marriage or not, with the help of IVF or a surrogate mother. If a child is born, so is the will of God. Can the Church refuse baptism of a child born out of wedlock? Yes, but it depends more on the opinions of the priest. If one parish was refused, the second may not even be interested in, is a child born in wedlock.

Advice 2: Why baptize children

Parents often baptize their children, not even thinking about why, and why they do it. However, not everyone is aware that the rite of baptism is not only a beautiful ceremony in the temple, and not a means of protection from the evil eye, and the vagaries of diseases.
Why baptize children
Many baptize their babies just because it is supposed to. Modern moms and dads are in the majority, too, was baptized as a child (though not as massively as the current kids), so this ceremony is perceived as a matter of course. Very often it is the rite of baptism ends with the initiation of the crumbs to the Church, and then visited the temple of, at best, a few times a year on the big Church holidays (Easter, Christmas). Some see the sacrament of baptism as a kind of "the pill" from any problems with the child's health or behavior and believe that, having a ritual can help the child to recover faster or stronger to fall asleep, not comes in hysterics. Very often such an argument not only the young mom and dad, but older, experienced family members. However, consider baptism a way of obtaining indulgences from Higher powers is fundamentally wrong. Christian parents consider the process of baptism as a completely natural event and the children they baptize because I can't imagine how you can do without it. According to Christian teaching, at baptism a person is attached to the Kingdom of God, and to do so must still in its infancy. In this case, the parents are fully aware of, which means this ceremony, they hold appropriate training (prayer, confession) and a very responsible approach to the choice of godparents, which have become a reliable support for toddler. In such families the child is not just going through the sacrament of baptism, he joins the Church from a very young age. Admit it, I go to him for service, he read the Bible, or simply retell the parable, of course, even the smallest.I must say that from the point of view of faith only in the third case, the rite of baptism makes sense. Although the priests do not refuse anyone, because in any case a child attached to God, and then everything depends on his parents and godparents. And sometimes mom and dads come to faith through the toddler, through the sacrament of baptism and the subsequent sacrament and service. And it is believed that during this ceremony the baby receives her guardian angel and falls under the protection of a Higher power.Some believe that to baptize a child at such a young age is not worth it, and we need to give him the opportunity to come to this. For true Christian believers, this tactic of waiting is absurd and impossible, because according to their beliefs, the child from the very young age should be educated in Christ and to be a real Christian (and, hence, through the sacrament of baptism).
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