Often godparents become family friends baby. Physiological mom and dad want to take godparents very close friends. However, sometimes there are situations when the desired godparents for one reason or another are unable to be present during the sacrament of baptism. In this case, do theoretical godparents really want to become present in the sacrament. The question may arise: is it possible to be a God parent in absentia?

The Orthodox Church gives a clear answer to the question. It is impossible to be godfather (godmother) in absentia. This practice took place in pre-revolutionary years in Russia only during the baptism of the children of the Royal families. But this practice could not answer all the canonical definitions of the Church concerning the responsibilities of godparents in relation to infants.

Why can't you be a godfather in absentia? The fact that a God parent is that person who takes a direct part in the sacrament of baptism of the child. During the sacrament is a certain spiritual kinship between the child and God parent. Godparents are holding the child in her arms, they for the infant renouncing Satan and Christ combined. All this and much more is impossible is not physically present during the sacrament of baptism. It is therefore not in the full sense of the word to be a godfather in absentia. Accordingly, this practice should not take place in the minds of modern Orthodox society.