Forgiveness is not

Every Christian life is the cross. God does not give anyone a burden beyond his strength. The Lord help to overcome suffering and the sinful temptations of those who are drawn to him through prayer.

In any sin, you sincerely repent. Has the time for it. The suicide deprives himself of repentance. Therefore the Lord can not forgive.

The suicide bomber thinks that killing yourself will get rid of suffering. But the soul does not die with the body. She continues to suffer. The now forever.

Those who decided on the terrible sin, are sure that in their situation there is no escape. The Lord tell out, and not one. You just need to ask him about it.

The crime of suicide lies in the fact that he voluntarily terminate a life that belongs not only to him. But the God who gave to man to improve. Suicide renounces life responsibilities, forgets loved ones.

According to Church canons, voluntarily deprived themselves of life is not the burial service in the temple. They cannot be buried in Church cemeteries. Remember in the funeral prayer and memorial services.

Who is considered a suicide

To suicide the Church would take and killed in a duel, killed during robbery criminals, people who died due to euthanasia. And even those who suspected suicide. For example, if drowned under unknown circumstances.

The bombers will carry the dead lovers of extreme sports. They deliberately took a risk knowing that dangerous game can result in death.

Alcoholics, drug addicts and smokers, too, are slowly killing yourself. However deaths from binge Church does not consider suicide. It is believed that because of the distraction they give account for their actions.

For them – the exception

Not denied in the Church the commemoration only to those contemplating suicide, suffering from mental illness. For them is an exception. Relatives need to take help from hospitals, where poor consisted on the account, and write a petition to the Bishop of the diocese.

Soul put for friends

There are also special cases of voluntary withdrawal from life. They cannot be considered a sin.

A man goes to death for the sake of truth and adherence to the highest values. Samson, to bring down the arches of the temple, which with him was the enemies-the Philistines, not a suicide, and the ascetic.

You can't call suicide bombers and those who sacrifice themselves for others. Soldier with grenades rushed under the enemy tank. Firefighter or police officer killed in the line of duty.