Advice 1: Why baptize children

Parents often baptize their children, not even thinking about why, and why they do it. However, not everyone is aware that the rite of baptism is not only a beautiful ceremony in the temple, and not a means of protection from the evil eye, and the vagaries of diseases.
Why baptize children
Many baptize their babies just because it is supposed to. Modern moms and dads are in the majority, too, was baptized as a child (though not as massively as the current kids), so this ceremony is perceived as a matter of course. Very often it is the rite of baptism ends with the initiation of the crumbs to the Church, and then visited the temple of, at best, a few times a year on the big Church holidays (Easter, Christmas). Some see the sacrament of baptism as a kind of "the pill" from any problems with the child's health or behavior and believe that, having a ritual can help the child to recover faster or stronger to fall asleep, not comes in hysterics. Very often such an argument not only the young mom and dad, but older, experienced family members. However, consider baptism a way of obtaining indulgences from Higher powers is fundamentally wrong. Christian parents consider the process of baptism as a completely natural event and the children they baptize because I can't imagine how you can do without it. According to Christian teaching, at baptism a person is attached to the Kingdom of God, and to do so must still in its infancy. In this case, the parents are fully aware of, which means this ceremony, they hold appropriate training (prayer, confession) and a very responsible approach to the choice of godparents, which have become a reliable support for toddler. In such families the child is not just going through the sacrament of baptism, he joins the Church from a very young age. Admit it, I go to him for service, he read the Bible, or simply retell the parable, of course, even the smallest.I must say that from the point of view of faith only in the third case, the rite of baptism makes sense. Although the priests do not refuse anyone, because in any case a child attached to God, and then everything depends on his parents and godparents. And sometimes mom and dads come to faith through the toddler, through the sacrament of baptism and the subsequent sacrament and service. And it is believed that during this ceremony the baby receives her guardian angel and falls under the protection of a Higher power.Some believe that to baptize a child at such a young age is not worth it, and we need to give him the opportunity to come to this. For true Christian believers, this tactic of waiting is absurd and impossible, because according to their beliefs, the child from the very young age should be educated in Christ and to be a real Christian (and, hence, through the sacrament of baptism).

Advice 2 : The reason the Church is so expensive, the baptism of a child

The claims and accusations against the Orthodox Church there is no shortage. One of the main complaints Plata, which take in the temples for the performance of certain rites and ceremonies, in particular the sacrament of baptism.
The baptism of a child
The prosecutors can't simply believe that in the Church everything should be done for free, they even refer to such episodes of Scripture as the expulsion of the Savior of the merchants from the temple in Jerusalem or occasion when the Apostle Peter refused to baptize the man who offered the money for the baptism. Particular outrage is the sum: it seems that for the baptism to take too much.

Why not baptize free

People who demand that the temples were all made free, do not understand or want to understand that the temple is a material object that you have to fix that from time to time need to purchase new vestments for the priests, Church utensils and books, you need to buy the oil and incense. All this costs money.

The priests understand that visiting the temple should not become a paid service, because then it will be available not for everyone. In any Church do not take money for confession, communion, the more the mere presence at the service (for comparison: in conversation with a therapist or attending the concert have to pay). But there are events that happen in a person's life only once: baptism, wedding, funeral. Once it is possible to pay.

In essence, the fee for the sacraments and ceremonies is a donation to the temple. It would be logical not to set the price, and offer to give people money as they wish. In some churches do, but sometimes this situation creates awkwardness: people find it difficult to decide how much to give, and they ask to call them to a specific amount. The establishment of a certain price to help avoid this awkwardness.

Why take expensive

Charge parishioners for some ceremonies and ordinances, including baptism for children, necessary for the maintenance of the temple. The costs may be different. The maintenance of the Cathedral costs more than some small Church on the outskirts of the city, and if the parents want to baptize their child in the Cathedral, they should be willing to pay more.

In some churches provide affirmation crucifix, shirt and everything else that you need for baptism, and the cost of all these items is included in the price. Then the fee for the baptism can indeed exceed 1000 p., but parents would still have to buy everything you need. Monetary costs would be the same, but the hassle would have been greater.

It should be noted that "expensive" and "cheap" is a subjective concept, and they are not always dependent on income. To pay 1900 $ per smartphone "cheap," and 500 p. for the baptism of a child is "expensive". This approach suggests that the tablet is more important than the salvation of the soul of your own son or daughter.

Of course, for a poor family the sum of 500 p could be a severe blow to the family budget, but in this case, you can explain the situation to the priest and he will go forward. If people who are not experiencing financial difficulties, consider a fee for excessive waste of baptism, then baptism in General and Christian faith in particular is their value. The possibility of Christian education of the child in such a family, raises serious doubts that casts doubt on the appropriateness of baptism.

Advice 3 : How long is the baptism of the

In the Orthodox Church there are seven sacraments. The first sacrament for a Christian after joining a Church is considered a Holy baptism. Man is adopted (docurama) God.
How long is the baptism of the

In the modern practice of the Russian Orthodox Church the sacrament of baptism is performed, along with another priesthood work - unction. Therefore, to talk about the time of the sacrament of baptism should, in accordance with this practice the connection of the two sacraments.

Most often, the baptism in the Orthodox churches committed pindividual. That is, several people were honored the sacrament of joining the Church as a society of people who believe in the Holy Trinity, United by a common hierarchy. Depending on the total number of Krasauskas you can talk about how much time is Holy baptism.

If the sacrament of baptism is performed on one person (with confirmation) it takes about forty minutes. This time is enough for the priest read the necessary prayers, and made the necessary rites. If Krasauskas more, for example, ten to fifteen people, then the baptism can take about an hour. This difference is caused by the fact that during the sacrament of baptism the priest over every krasowska performs a certain religious rite.

In addition, be aware that some clergy just before baptism or after it pronounce to people the parting word, which could take some time. In some churches baptismal catechetical read a small conversation, which occupies an hour or an hour and a half. Thus, on average it is the sacrament of baptism may take 40-60 minutes, and in the case of catechetical talks and a sermon can take up to two and a half hours in the temple to receive the Holy sacrament.

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