As you know, accepting Christianity, he passes through a great rite of baptism. According to tradition, required for baptism godparents mother and father, or one of them.

What should be the godparents

The first sacred event in human life is the sacrament of baptism. Godparents – these are the most important after parents, the people who should assist in the spiritual upbringing of the child, to become a support and support. In fact, it is a family member. Their responsibilities are not limited to gifts godson in a day and maintaining communication with his family. Their main function is to the spiritual development of godson, an introduction to the faith and the Church.

Choosing godparents, we must remember that the rite of baptism is performed once and to baptize the child it is impossible, therefore, to change the cross will not work. The Church makes an exception only in the case that the godfather changed the faith is either blatantly immoral, not pious way of life.

The child can be both the godfather and the parent, and only one, but in this case it needs to be the same sex as the godchild.

To become a God parent for several children allowed, but the godfather needs to evaluate whether he will be able to fulfil its primary responsibility, does he have enough time and attention to appropriately educate all their godchildren.

Who are not allowed to become godfather to the canons of the Orthodox Church

Can't be godparents, the people who have taken monastic vows. Also there's an age limit for godparents. The boy at the time of acceptance of the godfather must be 15 years old girl who decides to become a godmother, - 13 years. Can't be godparents for a child of his parents, relatives or foster. There is a ban on sexual relations between godparents, so spouses or people intending to marry should not become godparents of the same child.

Since godparents need to take godson to the Church, they must be baptized. Unbelievers and unbaptized people can't be godparents.

The Gentiles and non-Orthodox are also forbidden to become godparents. Exception can be only if the environment is not Orthodox, and people of another faith wants to become the godfather, and in his ability to raise a child a moral and spiritually developed man, no doubt.

It is unacceptable to take to the cross of mentally ill people and fallen morally.

The various sources of esoteric and religious orientation, you can meet a number of other prohibitions. However, it is worth remembering that baptism is the rite obeying the laws of the Orthodox faith, and best of all you know about him the Ministers of the Church and the people are the true believers. However, when the baptism of the child's parents to decide what information to rely on.