The child's communion in any Church, when the Liturgy is. Basically, the members partake of the sacrament on Sundays or big Orthodox holidays. For Communion, you can choose the Church you like. However, it is better to give communion to the baby in the temple, located near the house, as in a long way a kid can get hungry, raskapriznichatsya, require diaper changes – and similar problems to solve is not very convenient.
On the eve of you should read the canons with Canon for Holy Communion, to pray.
To withstand post from baby not required. If the child asks to eat in the morning before communion, make sure it will feed, well-fed babies are less capricious. To survive the entire morning service with the baby in your hands you are unlikely to succeed, and it is not necessary. Better come to early Communion, knowing in advance the approximate time. If the child complacently configured, can be with him in the temple, while service goes. In the case when the baby cries, you might be better off to wait for the Communion on the street.
Picasa baby for the first time, many mothers worried about his weak stomach. After all the communicants are supposed to eat a piece of communion bread and a little wine. Don't worry! Babies admit a drop of diluted wine, no wafers, so that the Sacrament is in any case can not be the cause of colic.
Traditionally, the first sacrament of infants, then older children, then men after them women. If the parents are also preparing for the Sacrament (fasted, went to confession, reading the prayers canons for Holy Communion), communion with the baby. At the moment of communion is necessary to name the name given at Baptism.