For the parents of the child, decided to perform the sacrament of baptism of a baby, perhaps, the main problem becomes the choice of attorney godmother and godfather of the Pope. Until the very day of the baptismal rite baby girls are often faced with the question whether her godmother to be a married woman or not.

Traditionally believe that the godmother should be chosen from individuals. There is a belief that if a godmother is not married, after the ceremony she will meet her long-awaited love. But if the girl is, unfortunately, a long time can not get pregnant and suddenly acquires the status of a godmother, then soon she will be able to enjoy motherhood.
If godfather manages the worldly life of the child, the godmother called to lead his spiritual path: she introduced the baby to the temple, she also educates him in faith and in purity.

Difficult choice

To select a girl for the role of godmother, you can refer to the set in San the priest, or simply experienced priest. Most often the week before the christening to tell the priest about the sacrament, about what things must be purchased, and about the important role and mission, which are selected as new parents. In the end, the most important when choosing a godmother is not a question of her status in society, and the subject of religion. It is important that the cross was a believer and baptized.

Godmother have to buy an icon of a Saint with a girl's name and a special fabric that magnified crismas. Best Chrismas will be a brand new white cloth, symbolizing the purity of a little girl. It is believed that the fabric in the future, the mother of a child will cherish and no one to show.
The child can be baptized after 8 days from birth, but it is important to note that the woman who gave birth may not enter the temple for 40 days from birth.


But still the people there is many scary legends about the fact that if the cross did not have time before the ceremony to get married, it will give your family the happiness of the child, and she will never be a happy wife. Allegedly, this is why it is necessary to invite a married woman, which is already well fate and a family of his own. Anyway all this is just superstition, and to choose who will be godmother, all the same parents, the main thing - seriously to address the issue. It is important that scheduled for the role of the man was kind, believed in the Lord with all he entrusted responsibility to a new role. Godmother, second mother of the child, which throughout the future life will help him and support in all Affairs and undertakings.