You will need
  • Passport, money, travel documents
Beautiful Caspian sea has long been visited by tourists from all over Russia and neighboring countries as destinations. On the shores of the Caspian sea there are many resort towns and small villages where you can relax yourself (in hotels and boarding houses), or taking a trip to the Agency. In addition, the Caspian resorts extend on the territory of Kazakhstan, Iran, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, so there's always the opportunity to visit neighbouring countries to assess the level of service at their resorts.
Speaking about Russian resorts on the Caspian sea, mean the usual resorts of Dagestan and the Astrakhan region. You can get here several ways. First, the fastest and most cost – flight to Makhachkala or Astrakhan. The planes in these two major cities fly from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Kazan and other large transport centers. From Astrakhan to the sea you can go by taxi or public transport (about 60 km from the coast). Makhachkala itself is a sea resort, but other places can be reached by car, taxi or bus.
More affordable and common way to get to the Caspian sea is the train. From Moscow or St. Petersburg to Makhachkala for about 2 days journey, the train is quite comfortable, the administration is daily. Inhabitants of the next republics and regions can use the bus or travel by car on their own.
Travel packages to the Caspian sea are quite rare due to their unpopularity among tourists. Usually sold package tours in Astrakhan oblast, where you can not only enjoy the sea but also to visit the health resorts of the salt of Akhtubinsk (in particular, on mineral lake Baskunchak). In Dagestan, the rest usually travel.
Accommodation in the resorts of the Caspian sea is quite diverse. In Dagestan, a highly developed system of renting rooms and apartments, there are also small family hotels and boarding houses in Derbent and the Caspian there are even large chain hotels. Usually the price includes accommodation only, in rare cases, the accommodation and Breakfast. Astrakhan oblast, unfortunately, can only provide small pensions and campsites. Mostly vacationers here are based in tent camps, when the "savages," or I stay in rented cottages in walking distance to the sea.