You will need
  • tickets or tour voucher, passport, Internet, physician.
Holidays in Sol-Iletsk can be called "medical". Lake Razval in the territory of the city, is a source of healing mud (white and blue) clay, and the water itself contains a large amount of calcium, magnesium and potassium, beneficial to health. The chemical composition of the lake resembles the composition of Dead sea water is known as the world health resort.
To go to Sol ' -Iletsk independently or as tourists. The latter usually involves a trip by train or bus, transfer to the sanatorium or boarding house and back. If you stay in the resort is included in the price are medical treatments and meals. Independent trip allows you to choose the time and the rhythm of the trip and can do much cheaper than the tour.
The first thing to choose when you travel to the Sol-Iletsk – transport. The city is located 70 km from the center of the region of Orenburg, which is a major transportation hub. It can be reached by train, bus or car from any area of Russia, and also by plane from Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Ufa, Kazan, Novosibirsk and other major cities. From Orenburg to Sol-Iletsk, buses, and taxis. Can be reached by train to station Iletsk-1 (lake Collapse to go about 40 minutes). In many neighboring regions, including Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, etc., there are special minibuses to flight Sol-Iletsk and back.
The choice of accommodation during your holiday in Sol ' -Iletsk is quite large, but consists of rooms and apartments to rent from the locals. In the summer you can live in a small suburban towns, located half an hour walk from lake Collapse (daily cost per person is 150-250 rubles). Room or apartment with minimal amenities will cost from 300 rubles per person, more comfortable options are worth approximately 1,000 rubles per day. Hotels in Sol ' -Iletsk is almost no housing of this type is limited to boarding houses and sanatoriums. Fans of active recreation and tourism can live on the shore in a tent. A single large site with the ads for rental housing in the Sol ' -Iletsk no, but in the summer the whole city is full of advertisements, so even in season you can find some good place.
Food in Sol-Iletsk the standard for Russian cities: there are several lunchrooms, cafes and restaurants. The majority of tourists chooses ready-made food, which is pretty good. In the summer you can buy vegetables and fruits at several available in the city markets.