The safest resorts in the world

Resorts in some countries there are even sharks in fresh water. But still there are in the world and the sea, where the dangerous predators are absent, or cases of their appearance in places of bathing of people are single, while security has received increased attention. These beaches attract the most tourists.


Barbados and its friendly beaches does not attract marine predators. For all time of conducting statistics, beaches Barbados has never scored a shark attack on a person. Even the surfers, swam much further than ordinary vacationers recognize these locations as the safest in the world.

The beaches of the Irish sea

Never seen sharks in the area one of the most famous British resort of Blackpool. Stay in this area is considered quite prestigious and expensive.


The beaches of this Spanish city is famous among tourists not only for their high level of relaxation and luxury service, but also security in terms of shark attacks.

Canary Islands

Despite the fact that the beaches of the Islands are washed by the ocean, predatory fish here are surprisingly rare. No one can remember the event of contact with a shark.

Coast Of Italy

Also quite safe. Sharks here are extremely rare, and no cases of attacks on humans has never been recorded.


Quite safe and many are the resorts of Krasnodar region, the Black sea coast.

The astral

Embankments Australian cities Perth and Broome are also considered safe in terms of attacks by the marine predators. This is rather surprising, given the fact that the beaches of the green continent – one of the most dangerous in the world. If in these places the sharks are found, and then most often it is the representatives of calm, non-aggressive to humans.


Seychelles Islands located in the Central part of the Indian ocean, more than half a century was a safe place for tourists. However, in 2011 at one of the beaches attacked by a shark on people. The effects were very poor - 2 people were killed. Scientists explain this behavior of the predator uncontrolled fishing in the region, which led to the disruption of the food chain and the need to search for a different food.

The beaches in the world, which are better to avoid

There are beaches in the world, bearing the glory of the most dangerous. To places of significant concentrations of sharks include:
- the beach near the Australian Brisbane;
- the Florida coast with very mild climate and perfect sandy bottom;
California beaches that attract dangerous predators the rookeries of seals – a favorite habitat of white sharks (the most dangerous species among marine predators);
- The Hawaiian Islands so popular with surfers;
- the coast of South Africa, the Bahamas and some of the beaches of Brazil.

For these places is not only a large presence of sharks, but their aggressive behavior towards people.