Why are there cramps in the hands

Reasons that can happen spasms of the muscles of the upper limbs, a lot. It is primarily a violation of blood supply to the muscles of the hands, excessive physical exertion, leading to overexertion and minor wounds, cold hands, lack of the trace mineral calcium. Therefore, prevention measures should include: massage of the upper extremities to stimulate blood flow, a reasonable dosage of loads, including in your diet foods rich in easily digestible calcium – milk and milk products. You can also take vitamin and mineral supplements containing calcium. Also during the cold season, you should dress for the weather. Even tempered person should wear winter gloves or mittens.

Cramps in the muscles of the arms can also be caused by strong emotion, stress, because this condition leads to increased secretion of adrenalin. And this hormone with strong vasoconstrictive action, impedes the flow of blood to the peripheral organs. There can only advise to avoid stressful situations, and to master the technique of self-hypnosis.

To cramps in the muscles of the arms can lead to excessive consumption of coffee (especially strong). Because caffeine also causes constriction of the blood vessels, and in addition, reduces the content of calcium in bone tissue. So fans of this drink should be reasonable moderation.

Finally, the people who work at a computer, it is necessary from time to time to take a break, to the hands were not too long in the same position.

But what to do if a seizure attack has already begun

The easiest and effective way to relieve a cramp is to actively compress and decompress fingers, to make rotation of the brushes, Mahi. Okay will also help the massage (usually seizures do not appear immediately in both hands, so you can massage the patient's hand is healthy). If possible, place hands under warm running water or in a container of water. For greater effect it is better to add in the mixture the sea salt or aromatherapy oils with relaxing effect, e.g., fir. And, of course, you need to consult a specialist for diagnosis and treatment. To prevent the appearance of cramps in the upper extremities, you must do yoga, because these lessons will help you improve blood circulation.