Libra male – the gallant Cavaliers, who love and know how to make compliments. They know how to win the heart of any woman, but they like not all women. To please Scales, need to be brave and confident, to behave in society, to dress with taste and understand the inner world of his men.

What qualities should have a girl to please a man-Weights?

Men of this sign like women with a rich inner world and perfect appearance. They pay attention on clothes, body and shoes will never come up to meet the girl who vulgarly dressed. To please a man-Weights, you need to clean out your closet of clothes with plunging necklines and mini-skirts. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not be evident.

Scales attach great importance to the behavior of the girl. Men are chivalrous, sociable and can find common language with any person, these qualities they want to see in their women. They never choose life partner a girl who uses speech obscene words, behave slutty and scandalous.

The man Scale is not always strong and sure, he may be a long time to admit the sweetheart of his feelings fluctuate with the offer hands and hearts. That's why he subconsciously looking for a strong woman who will be a reliable wife, partner and friend. Weights like confident, but not a scandalous girl.

Beloved of the Weights must all be able to care for themselves, to constantly improve, to be a good housewife, lover and support. But most importantly, appreciate a man of this sign to his companion, - the ability to understand his inner world.

How not to behave with a male Libra?

If you decided to conquer a man's heart Scale, then in any case do not help them and does not bow to decisions. Not to fuss and swear in front of other people, you need to be discreet and quiet. Not to scare the man this sign, do not ignore his feelings, do not laugh at him and poke fun. Such humor, he just will not appreciate.

If the male Libra has found his perfect woman, he will shower her with gifts and compliments, to surround with attention and care. But the chosen one should know that in relationships with Libra, the first steps have to do it. If it didn't take any action, the marriage proposal can hardly wait. All initiatives should be literate and tolerant.