Advice 1: What girls like the man-Weights

The male Libra has a clear idea of what a woman should be near. Potential wife, he will carefully evaluate and pay attention to even the smallest details of its behavior.
What girls like the man-Weights
Libra male – the gallant Cavaliers, who love and know how to make compliments. They know how to win the heart of any woman, but they like not all women. To please Scales, need to be brave and confident, to behave in society, to dress with taste and understand the inner world of his men.

What qualities should have a girl to please a man-Weights?

Men of this sign like women with a rich inner world and perfect appearance. They pay attention on clothes, body and shoes will never come up to meet the girl who vulgarly dressed. To please a man-Weights, you need to clean out your closet of clothes with plunging necklines and mini-skirts. Makeup should enhance your natural beauty, not be evident.

Scales attach great importance to the behavior of the girl. Men are chivalrous, sociable and can find common language with any person, these qualities they want to see in their women. They never choose life partner a girl who uses speech obscene words, behave slutty and scandalous.

The man Scale is not always strong and sure, he may be a long time to admit the sweetheart of his feelings fluctuate with the offer hands and hearts. That's why he subconsciously looking for a strong woman who will be a reliable wife, partner and friend. Weights like confident, but not a scandalous girl.

Beloved of the Weights must all be able to care for themselves, to constantly improve, to be a good housewife, lover and support. But most importantly, appreciate a man of this sign to his companion, - the ability to understand his inner world.

How not to behave with a male Libra?

If you decided to conquer a man's heart Scale, then in any case do not help them and does not bow to decisions. Not to fuss and swear in front of other people, you need to be discreet and quiet. Not to scare the man this sign, do not ignore his feelings, do not laugh at him and poke fun. Such humor, he just will not appreciate.

If the male Libra has found his perfect woman, he will shower her with gifts and compliments, to surround with attention and care. But the chosen one should know that in relationships with Libra, the first steps have to do it. If it didn't take any action, the marriage proposal can hardly wait. All initiatives should be literate and tolerant.

Advice 2 : What woman need a man-Weights

The man born under the sign of Libra, has a distinctive character and the first thing should be ready for loving his woman, it is the variability of the weights. In addition, Libra women prefer economic and industrious, though they were not always to love work.
What woman need a man-weights
Libra his first wife, as usual, find before. With the exception of, perhaps, late Libra, which is pronounced attachment to the mother and reluctance to shoulder the burden of responsibility. But the scales of the second type not so much, because let us consider what the woman needed an average representative of the zodiacal sign Libra.

Male-Libra loves eyes

Libra though, and appreciate the woman love of home and the ability to cook a tasty meal, but if these talents don't mesh with the visual appeal to catch the attention of men's weights will be very hard. Libra thin aesthetes, but the concept of attractiveness they have a kind of. Don't have to be miss world, but facial features should be balanced, as the figure. Any noticeable flaws should be masked, so that the balance is not paid attention to them, at least before the wedding.

Libra prefers strong women

If a woman completely relies on her man and their own opinion is trying not to voice, that man-Libra leave her at the first opportunity. Men born under the sign of Libra needs constant confrontation, inciting passion. Only bend is not worth it. Inciting scandals of the blue and attempts to impose capricious weights in my opinion can also end in Heartbreak.

Weights need the best of the women

To draw attention of weights is possible if to show him his popularity. Do not bend with the flirting, the main task is to show that the fans and without him, you have in abundance. Such fatal beauty, Libra's liking. Not the fact that to keep a relationship on jealousy will be a long time, but to bring this method definitely will. Libra choose the best of women, having regard to the opinion of the crowd, not their own. Later, when the woman will be his life partner, he will understand, it is better than the other, and at the first stage it is important that it considers the best of his surroundings.

The intimate side of relations for the weights are as important as the appearance of the lady. When the scales do not have sex they are going to look for it on the side. It's not always becomes the cause of separation, but the lack of sexual intimacy scales considered sufficient cause for infidelity. So, in a nutshell, the perfect woman for men-scales is an attractive woman with an extraordinary culinary talent, successful, popular in male circles, loyal, and certainly passionate.
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