Horoscope says that the strong representatives of this sign are looking for relationships with attractive women. External beauty is very important. In addition, the companion must be well-groomed, have good manners. But Weights are important not only external beauty but internal. If a woman has a great Outlook, a great sense of humor, can hold a conversation on any topic, the man did not miss the chance to get to know her.

This sign shows their best side during a period of courtship. He can guess the desires of his beloved, to please her in everything. It is this feature of the Weights characterizes them as a ladies ' man. If a male has increased libido, it can lead to the fact that he will become a don Juan or a gigolo.
The male Scales is to see them not only as a beautiful "toy", but to understand that before him was a man seeking true love.

The Woman-Libra

This fair sex - the favorite of Venus. Planet endowed their pupils with femininity, good looks, charm. The scales combine the mystery of the Mona Lisa, and love the art of the geisha. This woman can charm their femininity any man. But he should bear in mind that it does not need violent expression of emotions. Therefore, if the representative of the stronger sex will rely on passion beauty, it is unlikely that his expectations are met. In bed with the female Spring can be as cold as nature in November.

The woman-Libra looking for a man gentle and Mature. It is very important that he knew how to compromise. She is ready to surround the elect with comfort and tenderness, but it requires attention and care. Weights sometimes lack sincerity. Lady life plays a different role. In this regard, the man is unlikely to immediately understand what the woman in front of him.
If a man say, what kind of woman he is looking for a relationship, Libra will always be able to "play" the role of his ideal. Dama–Libra is a wonderful actress.

Relationships with other signs

At a young age the Scales are more suitable signs, loving a casual relationship, flirt. These include Libra, Gemini and Leo. For a serious relationship that fits the zodiac sign of Taurus, which is committed from an early age to stand on his feet. This sign will also support the Weights in their aesthetic Outlook on life. Less suited Aquarius, as it is always hovering in the clouds. Aries Libra seems too unbalanced, passion is literally killing them in similar ways. Common marriages between Libra and Sagittarius, but these signs are too different long such a relationship will not last. If the Scales tend to stability, it is necessary to consider the role of candidate spouses of Capricorn or Virgo. Signs of water Weights do not fit.