Watch out for their own appearance, control the behavior. Weights like a delicate neat men with good manners, polished shoes. Do not neglect the first impression you're going to make a femaleLibra. Please give this matter special attention, as it will remain in the memory of the girl forever unchanged.
The representatives of this Zodiac sign aesthetes. Keep them in conversation on various subjects, discuss art, film premieres. Invite theatres, museums and exhibitions. They will not give up and trips on the nature, fishing.
Take the initiative: the Scales tend to build relationships with the leaders. Do not create problem situations, solve complex issues quickly. A woman always knows what she expects from men. It is easy to separate the flirting from the true feelings. Do not attempt to wishful thinking as your companion will quickly reveal the deception.
Serve her coffee in bed, a compliment. Actions for the Weights is very important shield the girl from unpleasant emotions, they will not be associated with you.
Do not be jealous woman-Libra. She was used to public attention, men's in particular, since childhood. But love is very consistent and requires the same from his companion.
Invite any girl out on a date. I'll let her choose the restaurant or movie theater, you can surprise her and ask where she was not. Keep in mind, the Scales have a subtle, even refined manners, they will give the impression of a comfortable interior space, good kitchen and attentive staff.
Encourage initiatives of women-Weights - they are often indecisive and insecure. They do not like conflict, avoid disputes. If such a situation arises, no one is persuaded in his own wrong. Well, if you are financially secure and have a weight in society.
Show leadership qualities even during lovemaking and intrigue. Initiate a trip into the countryside, trips to visit. Choose unusual for her, luxury gifts, jewelry.