A man of this sign believe that you can conquer any woman. When his life comes a girl that can resist his charms, he's in shock. So, if you want to conquer the heart of Libra, don't give up immediately and create an image of impregnable women. So the behavior you awaken in a man the instinct of the provider.
Weights attracts all the mysterious and unusual. In relations with the girls he also drew attention primarily for ladies who have some mystery. Therefore, in order to attract this man, you will have to always maintain the mystique that he could never fully understand what you really are.
Male Scales usually highly of himself, so he wants near him was the perfect woman. The girl who could win the man's heart must be outwardly attractive, have a good mind and an interesting inner world. To this man it is important that the companion has stunned his friends and acquaintances. He wants to stand out, he likes to be jealous. The envy of others can become his woman.
If you want to please the man–Weights, you have to be very feminine and graceful. This representative of the stronger sex chooses a companion, a beautiful girl who knows how to dress stylishly and to emphasize your strengths. Therefore, going on a date to the Scales, carefully consider the way in which to conquer a loved one.
A man of this sign is a real foodie. If you first attract his attention with their appearance, conquer the inner world, and then let that bad cook, consider that here is a little fun your relationship will never go down. It does not need to be afraid of that, linking his life with that sign, you'll have to cook. A man eats little, but loves delicious dishes. So, having mastered some original recipes, you can become his lady.
Libra – the sign rather complicated. This man constantly in my mind considering some important moments of his life. For example, he could continue the conversation that you guys had a few months ago. And thus come to this conclusion that you could not think. So please be patient when dealing with Weights, and respond calmly to any words of this man, however strange they may seem. Then he decides that you are a great conversationalist, and it will pull the beloved to you.