Tell research

Complex about his height like a little girl, and high. Those who are of small stature, fond of saying that a woman should be like a statue, not as the Eiffel tower, consoling myself that, but then putting on heels 20 cm, in order to look taller. And tall women acquire shoes just for flat shoes, hesitate own growth. Not right neither those, nor others.

According to research, 28% of men prefer girls to 165 cm And 30% believe that they need a partner from 170 cm tall. 22% said the increase should be around 165-170 cm, but another 20% is concerned, first and foremost, all the other factors.

Much more important factors men consider slim and beautiful figure (however, they do not mean skeletton thin), long legs, beautiful hair and well-groomed appearance. Proportional addition and a smart appearance is able to charm almost any man, regardless of height.

Who should be higher

However, many men are set up quite traditionally in the question of whether there should be growth partner more than their own. As a rule, they prefer a girl in heels was not above them, but probably the same height. The difference of a few cm is encouraged. Often men additionally note that if the difference in the growth of a girl is not very big, it's convenient: you can kiss without bending.

It also happens that low men prefer tall women, and they reciprocate. So it turns out that some people find their match in each other's opposites. Although not always. Also very high sometimes men choose their partner very petite women. But this is not always the case.

Not met growth

If you liked the man that much above or below you, do not hurry to get upset. It is possible that he reciprocate, because there are far more important parameters by which people choose their partners.

Girls can still be well advised to take its growth for granted. Low are not allowed to wear flat shoes and high – heels. Do not be ashamed of his height, it looks completely stupid. Rather, be ashamed that you are ashamed of your growth!

It turns out that there is no simple and clear answer to the question of how tall girls are more like men. But definitely know that they like a sexy and attractive girl. But is it bad?