Become the best for him!

Considering the fact that Libra always wants to perfection, for a start, you should make every effort to have a flawless appearance. Appearance – this is the main trump card, which you will be able to attract the attention of men born under this sign.
Male-Libra is the consummate aesthete. So the first thing that will cause disgust – it is negligence in the details of appearance.

Therefore, you should:
- change your wardrobe - you have to give up the aggressive and provocative outfits and try to imagine a graceful and feminine Lady;
- to make a beautiful hair, light makeup and manicure;
- if you have a tendency to excess weight, join a gym and watch your diet.

Once you began to feel his interest, time to move on to the next stage of conquest.

Take the initiative in their hands

It is known that Libra male by nature are conquerors, so you will not wait from it the first steps yourself towards. Try to take the initiative in their hands. Find common themes, flirt, but do not go too far.

In addition, these men love to talk, so you must be his interlocutor with sense of humor and spice in the conversation. Please note that the man-Libra exalt his own person, so in interviews you will be interesting only as a sparring partner.
Behave with dignity and not to be too Intrusive. You should spread harmony and peace.

In no case do not show it anger, irritation or aggression. These three emotions will lead all your attempts to charm to a complete failure. Control yourself. At first, try not to frighten the man-Libra unnecessary interrogations ("where were you?" "why haven't you called?" etc.). The ideal option will behave exactly the same as he is. However, know the measure and do not try to arouse his jealousy. Otherwise it will turn against you.

If you feel that male-Libra dissatisfied with something, don't bother him with unnecessary questions, and simply let it "cool off". Learning to leave him alone at the right time, you will get a huge advantage over your competitors. And those girls around him quite a large number.

But don't be disheartened if after all you still will be able to perform the above and to achieve the level of Perfect girl, no one will be able to replace you. Male-Libra always puts his beloved in the first place in your life, even mom and children can become more important to him than the second half. Try, samosovershenstvovaniya and achieve your goal!