Advice 1: How to fall in love with a woman-Libra

One of the main traits of a female Libra is practicality, so they are very clear about what exactly the man they need next. However, uncertainty is also characteristic of women of this zodiac sign, it makes them constantly doubt everything. So to win a female Libra will be able only a man possessing strong leadership qualities. To earn the love of the ladies born under the sign of Libra, men can by using the following tips.
How to fall in love with a woman-Libra
You will need
  • - leadership qualities;
  • - financial stability;
  • are fancy.
  • - the ability to behave in society;
  • - the initiative in bed.
Women Libra men, floating in the clouds and caring little about material wealth. To convince the lady that you stand firmly on his feet and not prone to building castles in the air, unobtrusive show your success and earning potential. Even better, if you show your willingness to solve its everyday problems.
In love woman-Libra are very picky: they can't stand rude men and rude. In addition, they do not like a jealous interrogation. But the Scales are ready to close their eyes to the infidelity of men, because they do not consider adultery a terrible crime. When convenient, many ladies under the sign of Libra do not give up a pleasant and noncommittal romantic adventures on the side. However, they will try to do everything to the life partner learned about their "March to the left".
Almost every woman-Libra loves the social life, so a great way to impress her is to gain the sympathy of people from her circle of friends. It is very important that the man was attractive, well-groomed, able to present themselves and look decent in polite society.
To make a woman fall Scale is also possible using the original and refined courtship. If you do not have enough imagination, then at least provide a standard set of "bouquets-candy-compliments". In the presence of financial opportunities make the lady a very expensive gift (it can be, for example, jewelry or a fur coat). Luxury gifts are one of the shortest ways to the hearts of women born under the sign of Libra.
Ladies under the sign of Libra are very love sex and are very experienced mistress. But when your relationship will move to the intimate stage, be ready for action. Because the initiative in bed, according to women's Weights, must come from men.

Advice 2: How to fall in love again

Life is arranged so that the first always deserve more attention than the second and third. Even in love is this: there are many treatises on how to fall in love at first sight. And almost nothing is known about how to fall in love a second time. But so many people realize that they have lost, only after breaking up with someone or on the edge of the abyss with the threat of separation. Sometimes the ability to re-fall in love with the cold man becomes a healthier alternative to separation or divorce. What to do if you need to resurrect feelings?
How to fall in love again
Define realistic objectives. While you re not lost her mind from the man right in the eye and decide if we can start all over again? If both are set to the relationship is a good sign. If your partner does not want to see you, it's a completely different situation. Help produce reliable knowledge about the intentions of the former partner can friends and common acquaintances.
Set a plan of action. Family psychologists claim that if ex-spouses or lovers start to see each other regularly, and while both are free, their chance for the resumption of the novel is about 95 percent. If your ex-spouse while alone, and General hanging out with friends, General business or even work in one company will increase your chance to re-connect.
Remember all the best moments of the novel and try to reproduce them. Each of the former pair have their sweet rituals. Someone loved to walk together in a sports bar, and someone I loved to look at the pictures. Everything that brings fond memories of past events, can help to fall in love again a guy or a girl.
Tell a mutual friend about his feelings. There's a trick to fall in love with the person, which can be attributed to the manipulation. Sometimes it is enough to tell mutual friends about how you like the former or the former and ask never give your secret. Most importantly – tell us as much as possible a circle of trusted individuals that the information just came to the man. Please be patient and wait. People often find themselves unable to resist the one who is clearly interested and not afraid to talk about it to friends.
Do the work on the bugs. Reuniting, it is important to understand what led to the breakup. One should not gloss over problems, on the contrary, you need to sit down and have a heart to understand how to prevent breakups in the future.
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