Advice 1: How to fall in love with a woman-Libra

One of the main traits of a female Libra is practicality, so they are very clear about what exactly the man they need next. However, uncertainty is also characteristic of women of this zodiac sign, it makes them constantly doubt everything. So to win a female Libra will be able only a man possessing strong leadership qualities. To earn the love of the ladies born under the sign of Libra, men can by using the following tips.
How to fall in love with a woman-Libra
You will need
  • - leadership qualities;
  • - financial stability;
  • are fancy.
  • - the ability to behave in society;
  • - the initiative in bed.
Women Libra men, floating in the clouds and caring little about material wealth. To convince the lady that you stand firmly on his feet and not prone to building castles in the air, unobtrusive show your success and earning potential. Even better, if you show your willingness to solve its everyday problems.
In love woman-Libra are very picky: they can't stand rude men and rude. In addition, they do not like a jealous interrogation. But the Scales are ready to close their eyes to the infidelity of men, because they do not consider adultery a terrible crime. When convenient, many ladies under the sign of Libra do not give up a pleasant and noncommittal romantic adventures on the side. However, they will try to do everything to the life partner learned about their "March to the left".
Almost every woman-Libra loves the social life, so a great way to impress her is to gain the sympathy of people from her circle of friends. It is very important that the man was attractive, well-groomed, able to present themselves and look decent in polite society.
To make a woman fall Scale is also possible using the original and refined courtship. If you do not have enough imagination, then at least provide a standard set of "bouquets-candy-compliments". In the presence of financial opportunities make the lady a very expensive gift (it can be, for example, jewelry or a fur coat). Luxury gifts are one of the shortest ways to the hearts of women born under the sign of Libra.
Ladies under the sign of Libra are very love sex and are very experienced mistress. But when your relationship will move to the intimate stage, be ready for action. Because the initiative in bed, according to women's Weights, must come from men.

Advice 2 : How to conquer a girl Libra

Women born under the sign of Libra, usually superficially attractive, smart, have a good intuition. To conquer such a girl may be motivated, educated and patient young man.
How to conquer a girl Libra
Watch out for their own appearance, control the behavior. Weights like a delicate neat men with good manners, polished shoes. Do not neglect the first impression you're going to make a femaleLibra. Please give this matter special attention, as it will remain in the memory of the girl forever unchanged.
The representatives of this Zodiac sign aesthetes. Keep them in conversation on various subjects, discuss art, film premieres. Invite theatres, museums and exhibitions. They will not give up and trips on the nature, fishing.
Take the initiative: the Scales tend to build relationships with the leaders. Do not create problem situations, solve complex issues quickly. A woman always knows what she expects from men. It is easy to separate the flirting from the true feelings. Do not attempt to wishful thinking as your companion will quickly reveal the deception.
Serve her coffee in bed, a compliment. Actions for the Weights is very important shield the girl from unpleasant emotions, they will not be associated with you.
Do not be jealous woman-Libra. She was used to public attention, men's in particular, since childhood. But love is very consistent and requires the same from his companion.
Invite any girl out on a date. I'll let her choose the restaurant or movie theater, you can surprise her and ask where she was not. Keep in mind, the Scales have a subtle, even refined manners, they will give the impression of a comfortable interior space, good kitchen and attentive staff.
Encourage initiatives of women-Weights - they are often indecisive and insecure. They do not like conflict, avoid disputes. If such a situation arises, no one is persuaded in his own wrong. Well, if you are financially secure and have a weight in society.
Show leadership qualities even during lovemaking and intrigue. Initiate a trip into the countryside, trips to visit. Choose unusual for her, luxury gifts, jewelry.

Advice 3 : Love horoscope for Libra

Libra strive for beauty in all areas of their life. Love this sign appreciates romance, harmony, comfort and tranquility. Libra try to avoid squabbles, so easily compromise. If they are very uncomfortable in a relationship, they can go to the breakup.
The woman-Libra can charm any man


Horoscope says that the strong representatives of this sign are looking for relationships with attractive women. External beauty is very important. In addition, the companion must be well-groomed, have good manners. But Weights are important not only external beauty but internal. If a woman has a great Outlook, a great sense of humor, can hold a conversation on any topic, the man did not miss the chance to get to know her.

This sign shows their best side during a period of courtship. He can guess the desires of his beloved, to please her in everything. It is this feature of the Weights characterizes them as a ladies ' man. If a male has increased libido, it can lead to the fact that he will become a don Juan or a gigolo.
The male Scales is to see them not only as a beautiful "toy", but to understand that before him was a man seeking true love.

The Woman-Libra

This fair sex - the favorite of Venus. Planet endowed their pupils with femininity, good looks, charm. The scales combine the mystery of the Mona Lisa, and love the art of the geisha. This woman can charm their femininity any man. But he should bear in mind that it does not need violent expression of emotions. Therefore, if the representative of the stronger sex will rely on passion beauty, it is unlikely that his expectations are met. In bed with the female Spring can be as cold as nature in November.

The woman-Libra looking for a man gentle and Mature. It is very important that he knew how to compromise. She is ready to surround the elect with comfort and tenderness, but it requires attention and care. Weights sometimes lack sincerity. Lady life plays a different role. In this regard, the man is unlikely to immediately understand what the woman in front of him.
If a man say, what kind of woman he is looking for a relationship, Libra will always be able to "play" the role of his ideal. Dama–Libra is a wonderful actress.

Relationships with other signs

At a young age the Scales are more suitable signs, loving a casual relationship, flirt. These include Libra, Gemini and Leo. For a serious relationship that fits the zodiac sign of Taurus, which is committed from an early age to stand on his feet. This sign will also support the Weights in their aesthetic Outlook on life. Less suited Aquarius, as it is always hovering in the clouds. Aries Libra seems too unbalanced, passion is literally killing them in similar ways. Common marriages between Libra and Sagittarius, but these signs are too different long such a relationship will not last. If the Scales tend to stability, it is necessary to consider the role of candidate spouses of Capricorn or Virgo. Signs of water Weights do not fit.

Advice 4 : What man needs a woman-Libra

The woman-Libra – refined and graceful, Flirty and pretty. She dreams that the world was as harmonious as she is. Such requirements makes it and a potential mate.
What man needs a woman-Libra

The woman-Libra: what is it?

Man woman Libra would like to have with me must be aesthetically appealing, greatly enhancing the self-esteem of its Beautiful Ladies. Preference is given to creative individuals: actors, singers, musicians, writers and artists. Apparently Chekhov's "the grasshopper", who loved to surround himself with extraordinary people, was also born under the sign of Libra.

The woman-Libra allows her man to preserve "personal space". She's clearly not one of those who will be checking his pockets in search of "evidence," to read e-mails or SMS messages in his cell phone. One of the main shortcomings of the fair sex who were born under the sign of Libra, is extravagance. Money for them is not an end in itself but only a means to acquire beautiful things.

The woman-Libra is well aware of all the pros and cons of their appearance and knows how to accentuate their strengths and conceal flaws with clothes and makeup. Often she manages to look adorable even in a simple outfit. Usually she is torn between family and career, because he wants to succeed in both arenas.

The most suitable and unsuitable men for women Weights

One of the most suitable partners for women Weights can become a man born under the sign of Aries. In spite of dissimilarity of character, they complement each other and can enter into a long Union.

Harmonious will be the Union between a female Libra and a male Lion. As you know, for both of them an important opportunity to be proud of their companion. At the same time, they not only look great together, but also to feel the psychological comfort of being in each other's company.

Love, romance, and a full understanding will give each other partners, if they were both born under the sign of Libra. Besides, in this relationship, Libra will be able to find that same balance, which they so often lack.

Although Sagittarians and Aquarians do not belong to the signs, is able at first sight to attract the attention Weights over time, relations with the representative of one of these signs can also develop very harmoniously.

But it is not suitable to women Libra men born under the signs of Virgo and Capricorn. With the Virgins they have almost nothing in common, and Capricorn will be constant quarrels over the extravagance of one and the excessive thrift of the other.
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