To effective traditional treatment is the cauterization of papilloma celandine is a medicinal herb found almost everywhere. Squeeze the orange milk from a freshly plucked stem and smear them build-up a few times a day.
Use acetic acid, but with extreme caution. Every day in the evening, place one drop on the papilloma. Very soon the warts will go.
Make a healing compress. To do this, prepare a mixture of 100 ml of warm water and 10-20 g of salt. Add the pulp of plums and leave for the day. After that remove the pulp from the water and mash together with 10 ml of vinegar. From the resulting mass make a compress and apply on the papilloma for 24 hours.
In children, papillomas quickly go from the use of artificial ice. Wrap some crushed ice and apply to the wart. After a few sessions papilloma disappear.
Use garlic to remove warts. Squeeze the juice of garlic and smear papilloma 2-3 times daily. Or fix on the growth plate of garlic cloves on the night. Repeat the procedure several times.
In the fight against HPV is also recommended to drink potato juice. For this purpose grate some potatoes and squeeze through cheesecloth juice. For two months drink the potato juice an hour before meals morning and evening. This juice is good cure for many types of infections.
Immunotherapy is one of effective methods of combating HPV. In the human body are introduced antibodies that strengthen the immune system and destroy the virus.
You can use medical treatments such as cauterization of the acid and the wart with a scalpel or laser surgery. You need to spend a few procedures in medical facilities for the complete removal of genital warts. It should be noted that these methods of recovery is much more effective than folk methods.
Laser therapy is used when you need to cure papilloma quickly. It is used on any area of the body, including intimate areas. The laser does not affect healthy parts of the body, it is directed only at places the formation of papillomas. It can take up to three therapy sessions.