HPV infection is a chronic infectious disease caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Detection in the blood of the virus – this is quite normal as it is present in the body of almost everyone. Claims to medical statistics, only 10% people of the globe is free from this virus.

The many faces of HPV

Most people can live a lifetime and never know that they were carriers of HPV. And types of the virus nearly a hundred, and each has its own serial number. Some evoke the growth and reproduction of on the body flat warts, others might lead to plantar warts, and others tend to hit the penis in men and the vaginal area and cervix in women. Perhaps the defeat of the respiratory tract. But all areas that are subject to the human papillomavirus, is the skin and the mucous membrane.

As a rule, the presence of warts and other growths and lesions on the body does not require any treatment, unless that education does not begin to grow or cause discomfort to their location. The same attitude is necessary to form and to the discovery of the body of HPV, despite the fact that in medicine there is a separation of virus types according to oncogenic risk.

Doctors say that trick can play with the person not the virus itself, how much panic and fear for his life. In fact, the risk of degeneration of the neoplasm as a malignant tumor limited to just 1%. This does not mean that it is not necessary to pay attention to diagnosed. Yes, it will not work, when the virus manifests itself by the growth of warts or papillomas in the intimate place. But no reason for panic.

To treat or to leave things as they are

Modern test kits and laboratory studies allow accurately determine the presence of the virus and its type. But the need in the diagnosis of occurs only under certain symptoms. After all, when HPV is in the resting stage, it does not cause any inconvenience.

After learning about the ability of the virus to a sexually transmitted disease, do not blame the partner for what happened. Maybe the virus entered the body at birth, or "came" by domestic infection. Doctors are unanimous in the opinion that the manifestations of the virus become more intense when the immune system weakens So the first thing to start doing is to strengthen the immune system. Of course, "inconvenient" growths can be removed. For this there are a number of ways: liquid nitrogen, laser, radio waves of high frequency or chemical destruction of tissue structures.

Specific treatment regimens human papillomavirus infection does not exist. In each case, the doctor selects the best option depending on symptoms and type of infection. When planning pregnancy, women should be tested for the presence of genital warts, which tend to actively increase it in the period of gestation, and transferred to the future baby.

Passing, if necessary, the treatment course of antiviral and immunomodulatory drugs should be tested on the activity of the virus at least once in six months. Sometimes the doctor registers and recommends to be inspected 1 time per 3 months. If the immune system is normal, the examination will not show the presence of the virus, even when it is.