Although the papilloma is benign, it still presents some risk and can deliver some inconveniences. There are many modern ways to treat this problem as medical facilities and people's ways.

Medical ways to get rid of warts

Currently, there is a good medical way of getting rid of the fungus papilloma from the inside. This medicinal complex aimed at the destruction of the virus and strengthen the immune system, which allows you to first remove the roots of the wart, and then the external growths.
Helps in this period, and diet with a high content of vitamins A, C and E.

Unfortunately, this method cannot be called rapid, complete recovery may take from a couple of months to six months.

To get rid of a wart fast, use electrocoagulation, laser removal and kriofarma, that is, the removal of warts using liquid nitrogen. Just keep in mind that all of these methods, although very effective, but can be somewhat painful and after application in some cases, even scars. Use them with caution, especially when it comes to children or sensitive skin.

Papilloma of the large size are removed surgically under local anesthesia. This way you can get rid of only external growths, so it is desirable to use in combination with medical treatment.

People's ways of getting rid of warts

The most effective folk remedy treatment of papilloma is a juice of celandine. For its preparation plant, chop, press juice, and start to evaporate it to create a thick extract. This supercatalog necessary to lubricate warts twice a day until their complete disappearance.

Gradually, the education will begin to dry, covered with a crust and flake. Some of the papilloma before the disappearance of a little swell. You shouldn't be afraid, opuhlyi view will gradually go away together with the wart. A full recovery may take several months.
Instead of juice of celandine, you can use a strong solution of potassium permanganate and the juice of the common dandelion.

If we are talking about how to get rid of the growth on the face or genital area, it is possible to use a more gentle compositions: aloe Vera or castor oil. These gentle products moisturize and nourish sensitive skin, while being lethal foe warts.