Papilloma infection belongs to the category of urogenital diseases and is manifested on the mucous membranes. Papillomas usually called education, very similar to pink warts, which appear as a manifestation of papillovirus.

Causes of warts in the vagina

Infection women this type of virus can occur for several reasons:
- early sexual debut, which is a special kind of freedom, the frequent change of partners, neglect contraception;
- pregnancy;
- the transfer of different genital infections: chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, etc.;
- sex with carriers of the virus;
- low immune system, stress, vitamin deficiency;
- violation of the microflora (e.g., with antibiotics).

Diagnosed papilloma in manual inspection. This is due to the fact that they are small papillary growths are located at the entrance to the vagina or on the walls. Most of the papilloma virus doesn't not always bring the woman discomfort. Although sometimes ladies can note a burning sensation, itching at the site of localization of the lesions. If you accidentally injure education, can take blood.

To confirm the diagnosis the doctor prescribes a colposcopy and also Cytology smears with subsequent biopsy and histological examination. In parallel, tests and for sexually transmitted diseases - HIV, syphilis, etc.

The treatment of papillomas

As a rule, the presence of warts is an indication for their removal. Use laser surgery and radio waves, electrocautery, plasma treatment methods. The intervention is performed under local anesthesia. The seam, which occurs during the operation, heal within 1 month.

If you use method of cryoablation, papilloma removed with liquid nitrogen. As a result, it disappears, and the wound remaining instead, is delayed for 1-2 weeks. This method is suitable for the treatment of single entities. Laser gets to the sighting papilloma and dries it. Remaining in its place the crust fall away within a few days. Electrocautery removes warts with electric current. Moreover, this method is used in the most difficult cases. Radio waves eliminate in a session are all available education. In addition, this method leaves no scars.

After surgery, the doctor usually gives the recommendations on how to care for the sexual organs to process. went faster and did not have any complications. So, for example, have:
- regularly take a bath to an intimate area was clean;
- not too hot and not hypothermia - in each of these cases, a decrease in the immune system and problems with the microflora, and this is a direct route to infection;
- wear comfortable clothes, so there's no rubbing, and the skin around the vagina to stop sweating;
is to revise your daily routine to have time to relax. It is also desirable to add a welcome sedative to not react to stress.

Often recommended after surgery to add Immunopreparat that enhance the protective functions of the organism. Due to this, the healing process of postoperative wounds will go faster.