For the treatment of papillomas of the use of specific antiviral agents, such as interferon preparations. Also effective podophyllaceae funds. Among ointments, or gels, use ones that contain the basis of high molecular weight glycosides (sugar) – they contribute to additional production of interferon in the body. Just RUB them on the affected areas according to the instructions. Don't forget to consult with a specialist, he will prescribe all necessary medicines suitable for you.
Use of nonspecific immunomodulators, but be careful with them, as the human immune system is very sensitive to the slightest changes in her work. Consult your physician before to make a decision. Use the immunomodulators on the basis of glucosaminilmuramilpentapeptide and thymus extract. The drug use intramuscular injection according to the instructions.
Themselves papillomas are not absorbed, they will have to remove. There are surgical and chemical methods of removing structures. To surgical are surgical diathermy and electrocoagulation. There was widespread electrocoagulation, it allows you to remove the papilloma to a depth of 2 cm If you have chosen chemical method of removal, use preparations containing organic acids. Effective means as are preparations containing purified podophyllotoxin. They contribute to the destruction and denaturation of the entities. If you don't find any of the following methods, select the method of removing warts with a laser. This method is completely painless and allows you to avoid scars after removal.
As the main mode of infection of HPV is genital, after removal of the formations use barrier contraception. It is advisable to examine partner. If she would have detected the virus, it is also necessary to undergo treatment. So you can avoid the risk of re-infection.