To diagnose and treat the virus necessary for the appointment of a specialist in this area, as the virus affects the DNA and can go from benign tumors to malignant neoplasms. Therefore, in the methods of research used, not only laboratory diagnosis, but cytological examination of tumors. Women planning pregnancy need to be examined for the presence of the virus. He passed the child and weakens his immune system, which leads to frequent illnesses of the child.
After the diagnosis of the virus, the doctor will prescribe a treatment plan. It must include strengthening the immune system and antiviral drugs, which can only be used on prescription and under his direct control.
The manifestation of papilloma on the skin can be removed using laser, radio waves or by burning. All this is done in specially designed clinics and specialist. To use traditional methods and self-treatment is not recommended. All the material after the removal of tumors sent to study for the presence of malignant cells. Using the methods of self-medication and traditional methods, it is possible to lose precious time for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
Self-administration of antiviral drugs is also not allowed. They are appointed only the doctor on the basis of the study. Drugs to treat immune system prescribed by your doctor. You cannot interfere in the work of the immune system on their own.
For the treatment of papillomas on the genitals and mucous membranes, a special diagnostic study. On the basis of the doctor decides what drugs to use and what removal methods to use.
Do not self-medicate. The virus of papilloma of the person is much more dangerous and insidious than you think.
In methods of prevention of infection by the virus included the use of condoms during sexual intercourse and refraining from close contact with infected people. You also need to do common curative treatments and strengthen the immune system.