Why do I have HPV?

Papillomatosis is a viral disease that affects both women and men.

HPV is able to live long in wet underwear. Therefore, it is possible to get when you use other people's towels, washcloths, bathrobes.

If in the baths and saunas to sit on the bench in the Nude and do not use their litter, you should be prepared for the fact that soon you will have HPV, because shortly before there you could sit a person suffering from this disease.

Especially susceptible to HPV are the people who have reduced immunity due to frequent childbirth, hormonal disorders, stress, as well as those who are long time uses of hormonal contraceptives or underwent chemotherapy.

Papillomas – are frequent visitors to those who are promiscuous in sexual relations or have suffered from a communicable sexual disease.

Symptoms of papillomas

Papillomas appear as small growths on the skin. In men they appear around the glans of the penis, on the surface of the scrotum.

In women warts can appear on the labia. If they settled on the vaginal mucosa or cervix, it can be found only during gynecological examination. But the woman may feel pain or notice blood after intercourse, which is also a possible symptom of the presence of papillomas.

To establish an accurate diagnosis of papillomatosis, there is no need for tests. An experienced doctor can visually diagnose this disease, because it has specific symptoms.

Your doctor may order lab testing in case, if there are signs of joining the other infection, or to determine what type of virus is the causative agent.

Why treat HPV?

First of all, papillomas on intimate places look extremely aesthetically pleasing. In addition, they bring considerable discomfort. The growths are often exposed to trauma, creating wounds and causing a burning sensation and bleeding. These sores can get any other infection.

But the worst thing is that warts on the intimate places grow very quickly and can develop into a malignant tumor. Studies show that in the background of papillomas in women often develops cervical cancer.

Therefore, to deal with warts should immediately after their discovery. Treatment should include not only the suppression of external symptoms, as well as stimulation of the immune system.