INN is registered as a for children up to eighteen years of age and adults. With self-treatment to obtain tin you will need a passport, proof of state citizenship and the identity of the natural person. Before visiting tax be sure to make copies of all completed pages.
Specialist tax authority will ask you to fill out a written statement to retrieve INN. This statement you can take when visiting the tax authority or self printed from the official website of the tax service. The application is filled in with a pen, black or blue in accordance with the graphs. Special legal skills by completing this document you do not need.
Thus, to obtain tin person over 18 years of age need a passport and a duly executed statement. Procedure of documentary registration of a specialist takes 10 to 15 minutes. When you receive the documents specialist will additionally designate a particular day and time for the receipt of the document.
In the case of registration was on a child under the age of fourteen, in statements of the form 2-2-Accounting, you must submit: a photocopy of the applicant's passport and birth certificate of minor. It should be noted that photocopies of all pages of the passport of the parent are attached to each application in respect of two or more children. The applicant must confirm in a documentary form, information about the citizenship of the infant and of the child's registration at the location of the tax authority. Such documentary proof of the seal of citizenship or an earlier variant - liner to the birth certificate of the child. Confirmation of registration is the help from ZHEU about family structure.
If the child is 14 years of age, the tax authority treats it independently. In the presence of a parent. The absence of a legal representative shall entail the refusal to issue the documents at the time of treatment.
The identification number by all tax authorities is carried out within five working days.
Remember that photocopies of documents must be confirmed by the originals.