You will need
  • - parent's passport or document confirming the right to custody of the child;;
  • - copy of passport of the parent with a photo, a residence permit and a list of children;
  • - birth certificate of the child (original and copy);
  • - proof of citizenship (mark in the birth certificate or copy of insert);
  • - completed application form number 2-2;
  • - a document confirming the registration of the child's place of residence.
Some parents delay the visit to the tax office, not knowing what exactly was required by a minor child. Do not delay obtaining a tax ID number for a child, so his presence is required in many situations. For example, if someone from relatives wish to give a child a property (Villa, house or apartment), the child automatically becomes a taxpayer, therefore, was for him is a must. Of course, the taxes per child must pay the parents, but to do so without INN, decorated for a child, will not work.
If the child is under 14 years of age, the results was performed by one of its parents or legal representatives. With him, in addition to documents, the parent must have a passport, and the Trustee shall provide to the tax office the document confirming the powers of the guardianship of minors. You must also provide a copy of the passport, showing the page with a photo, page with registration, and the page with the list of children.
When contacting the tax office you must fill in all the rules statement form No. 2-2. This form can be downloaded from the website the tax office and fill out at home on the computer. If you are planning to fill out an application directly to the tax, then bring a few additional forms, as corrections and errors in the statement must not be present. The form should be filled in with a ballpoint pen with ink black or blue.
Be sure to bring the original birth certificate of the child and its copy. The certificate should be a mark of citizenship. If the mark is not, then you will need to provide a copy of the liner on citizenship.
In the documents provided to the tax office to obtain the INN must sign a document confirming the place of registration of the child. This document can be an excerpt from the book, you can also provide a copy of the certificate of registration according to actual place of residence of the child.
Upon delivery of the package of documents to the tax office, you must provide a receipt of the documents. Usually the term design INN is 5 days, after which you, as the legal representative of the child, get your hands on the INN and handed you the documents.