What was

INN – taxpayer identification number, it is assigned to all citizens-physical persons who are payers of the tax to incomes of physical persons Payers of this tax are, for example, and the person who received the property by donation or inheritance under the will, but not in a relationship with a testator or donor. Whatever it was, but if you before the wedding received was, that means you were issued an official document that shows your unique room code.

This document is a "Certificate of registration of the physical person in tax Department in territory of the Russian Federation". Despite the fact that he was the person assigned to only once and remains fixed throughout its stay in the Russian territory this certificate is issued on your maiden name, then change you're not he was, but only this document.

What documents you'll need

There is a normative document regulating the process of replacing the certificate on statement on the account in connection with the name change, it is the Ministry of Finance order No. 114н from 05.11.2009 In accordance with the territorial tax Inspectorate at the place of their permanent registration, you must provide a package of documents which includes:

- application for replacement certificate form 2-2-Accounting;
- passport or any other document proving your identity and confirming the place of registration.

If you are not a resident of the Russian Federation and are a foreign citizen, but pay taxes on the territory of the Russian Federation, in addition to the passport, you will need to provide proof of registration at the place of residence or place of temporary stay. Under the law, to the certificate on statement on the account, which will indicate your new name, you can not later than 5 working days.

These documents to the tax authority you can give personally and submit a receipt, but I can send by mail, issued as a valuable letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In this case you should not send original documents and their notarised copies.

You can also use the Internet website of the Federal tax service www.nalog.ru below under "application of physical person on registration" do your request. A certificate will be presented to the tax Inspectorate in the prescribed manner, but to you it can only personally by presenting the originals of the required documents.