There are many occasions on which the police can knock at the apartments of civilians: check suspicious documents or apartments, and a visit to the district, and warning citizens about security measures, and any emergency cases like investigation or requests for assistance. In any case, can not be gullible citizen and before you open the door,you need to make sure that there are really cops. To do this, ask them to produce documents and show them in the eye, to name the surname, name and patronymic. Better to call the station and ask the Manager whether such servants of the rule of law work there. After that, the door can be open and answer all the questions.

Tenants ' rights

However, this can be unnecessary if you do not want or you are not sure of the need for such actions. The police may not require you to open the door or break in without a serious case, as well as documents, confirming this justification. There are only four cases where police can enter the apartment without the consent of the resident: if there is a threat of life and health of a person or his property, apprehend persons suspected of committing a crime in order not to allow this crime to be committed, that is, in an attempt to stop it, and in order to establish the circumstances existing crimes or accidents. In all other situations, access to the apartment for the police is closed, so even if you are at home, he can not open. This is especially true for those people who are afraid of police raids on apartments in order to identify illegal residence without registration or rental housing without appropriate acknowledgment of the tax authorities. In this case, to call you out of the apartment in a lawful manner can only be a summons to the police station.

Provide assistance to the police

However, such rules must teach citizens to be vigilant and know their rights when dealing with police, you can't deny a situation when they just might require your help. Police are people, they need to perform their duties and often do it in the shortest possible time. They can detect a lost man to ask about the neighbors, suspicious persons or incidents. And your help could be very useful. So you should ask the police about the purpose of the visit and to support him in this situation.