Advice 1: What superstitions and omens associated with the door

Not all modern people believe in omens. But enough and those for whom the fictions, myths and superstitions are not an empty sound. There are a great many signs, one way or another connected with the door.
What superstitions and omens associated with the door
Doors in the myths of many peoples was considered a place of an exit to other worlds, so it involves a lot of beliefs and superstitions. For the birth or death of the person, the door had a special meaning – it was believed that she was allowed to come soul to the world or to leave it. So the soul can do so without any obstacles, in anticipation of her arrival or departure all the doors were opened.
For example, it was believed that deliver safely and are easy to do, if you open the house doors and Windows.
To relief the condition of the labouring women has not only opened all doors, but the doors and drawers, cupboards, and so on.

Superstition of various countries associated with the door

In Germany people some time after the incident in the housing of death, try the door does not close – so you don't accidentally pinch your leaving soul. In Africa the rules are even more strict – debris cannot be swept out over the threshold for at least a year, so dust cannot damage the spirit of the deceased.

Quite common are superstitions. If suddenly a door opens by itself in the middle of the night, someone living there will soon have to bury. If the doors are off the hinges, it's a sure sign it will cause a fire. When you hear a door creaking, expected soon in trouble, and maybe housing will have to leave.

In those cases, when someone leaves at work or on the road, all doors and Windows must be closed for a while – it will help to stop gossip gossip, so they do not interfere to do it.

The impure force

People feared the evil spirits, in connection with which there is a superstition that one should not simultaneously open the inner and outer doors. It could cause break into their houses of evil spirits.

If we heard that someone knocked on the door, but there was no one, should be the sign of the cross and read "our father" - it will help to frighten off evil spirits. In Ancient Rome tried to cross the threshold of the house right foot only – to scare off evil.
The Romans even placed at the door of a special person who had to ensure that the threshold was crossed correctly.

In some places it was customary in a thunderstorm to open the door to enter the lightning was able to fly out. Omen was well known not only in those places where there was an abundance of ball lightning.

In some areas there is a superstition, according to which before the whole family went to sleep, the husband needs to close the front door. If this is not done, hassle spouses will last all night.

Should not be in front of the door to put the doll sitting a man will tend to leave the family. And young unmarried girls do not leave the door ajar – my husband is cheating.

Advice 2 : What superstitions and omens associated with sneakers

A gift for the holiday or birthday is often a stumbling block. It is difficult to make a choice, not making a mistake, even harder not to stumble, "naporovshis" on numerous superstitions and prejudices. For example, it is not customary to give knives and... Slippers.
What superstitions and omens associated with sneakers
Superstitions about the Slippers only grow in numbers, there is an old, yet was known in pre-Petrine era, is quite new for such kinds of shoes, such as, for example, Slippers with pompoms, or high-sneaker-socks.
In addition to sneakers not to give knives, animals, plants, or watch flowers yellow – it promises a separation.

Funeral tradition

In most countries of the world since ancient time Slippers are associated with funerals. In some cultures Slippers (like the Slavs) put on the deceased, in number – were placed in the grave. There was even a special burial Slippers – the ones known, white.

It so happened that people have become a symbol of death everything that is somehow connected with the funeral. In addition, more Slippers, associated one type of curse (spell quick death), part of the ritual which is a tribute to the birthday of Slippers as a gift.

Journal of separation

There is another superstition that is associated with shoes, not just Slippers. People think that such a gift would be a precursor of the separation, and the person for whom the gift is intended, will soon leave the family out of the house.

This superstition, by the way, has very specific historical roots: from time immemorial in wealthy families where the young man was allowed to leave home and build your own, were given shoes. The shoes gave and to those who are going camping or long journey, it was the symbol of remission and impulse relations, the beginning of a new life, death and rebirth.

Gift? Only the closest

Another good way to present Slippers with a housewarming party.

Slippers tend to usually give very close to people, but it is reasonable to give the ones you made them with your hands. This gift will be long remembered, and Slippers will be worn with great pleasure.

People come up with and how to get around superstitions: present Slippers, but demand for them a symbolic ransom, and certainly a coin. So it turns out that the shoes are not donated, and purchased.

Place in the house

Popular superstition says that every house in Slippers should be your place. It is impossible to put the shoes toe to the door – to care close separation. You can't throw shoes – to quarrels. It is impossible to keep Slippers under the bed – men's infidelity, and under the chest – thieves.

Advice 3 : What superstitions and omens associated with knives

Signs, as a form of folklore, passed down from generation to generation. They can believe, can not pay attention to them, you can simply not know or come by. Many will take this cold weapon, a knife.
What superstitions and omens associated with knives
"Women" will take people a lot more than men. First, it is clear that women are more superstitious than men. Second, basic cooking utensils are not changed for centuries in fact, and the kitchen – the territory ladies who know exactly what crumbles salt but sugar, drop spoon so forks and broken plates. But the most confident leader in the number of related will, no doubt, is a knife.

What falling knife

In General, the fallen thing – a sign of an approaching guest. Our grandmothers used to say when something has been dropped: "Someone in a hurry or armless holds". The word knife is file object masculine. Therefore, the knife fell – wait for the man. It is important to consider how he fell. Handle – the unexpected guest will be friend and nice person. With the blade down will be unfamiliar, perhaps come with evil intentions. To avoid this visit, you need to raise the fallen knife and, three times, tapping them on the table and say, "sit at Home, we don't go." In anticipation of the good guest does not need to do anything, the knife should just raise.

Have knife

It was believed that if a person prefers to eat with a knife, then he will be angry and irritable. Others do not like people avoid communion with him. Should get rid of such habits, and relationships with loved ones will start to improve.


I would like to mention that with a knife are not only superstition, it is a great helper in conducting certain rituals. For example, a knife cut "put young children. When the child makes the first steps, you need to symbolically hold the knife between the legs of the baby, as if cutting the rope that prevented him from walking until he was smaller.

In the old days it was considered bad luck to sleep baby at the time, when somewhere out of the house brought to bury the dead. It was believed that a sleeping child can not Wake up. To save from this could only be a knife put under the pillow of the child. Now in the villages also do so.

Knife - prompter

The knife requires attention and care. Is not only to periodically sharpen the knife, but also to Polish it. This subject needs careful and careful attitude. If it starts to rust is the hint to the host or hostess that you should pay attention to their health.

In any case it is not necessary to keep the house broken knife – a sign of approaching disaster. It helps to get rid of with the words: "the Knife breaks, but the trouble does not concern me".

And, perhaps most importantly, it is important to remember that signs may affect the life precisely to the extent that people believe in them.

Advice 4 : Why can't we stand on the threshold of the house: folk omens

With the threshold of the house involves a lot of people and superstitions. Our ancestors believed that the threshold is a kind of boundary between worlds: a world of streets and houses. Long to be at the intersection of the two worlds impossible. It is very dangerous.
Why can't we stand on the threshold of the house: folk omens

Why can't we stand on the threshold of the house: the view of the esoteric

Some peoples buried their deceased relatives under the threshold. It was believed that the energy of the ancestors are able to protect people living in the house from the negative influence, to protect descendants against misfortunes.

The ancient Slavs believed that lives under the threshold of the house, to disturb which is once again not necessary.

Muslims still believe that live under the threshold of the Jinn, so it in no event it is impossible to advance, and even more so to sit on it.

The threshold has long been considered a mystical place, where several energies. Long to be on the threshold of the dangerous to human's energy.

Why not shake hands across the threshold

In Russia, the people EN masse believe in omens, and observe the traditions formed for centuries. For example, the famous one amusing case when docking the space Shuttle "Soyuz" and "Apollo", the Russian cosmonauts refused to shake hands with foreign colleagues through the hatch. It is a curious incident captured camera. So strong in the minds of Russians the traditions of their ancestors.

To shake hands across the threshold of the impossible. This tradition is observed in many families to this day. If stretching across the threshold hand for greeting, then you have a very high probability, will be invited to enter the house or the owner himself will come out of the house to say Hello.

You can not talk, something to send, sit and stand on the threshold of

Again, it is believed that such acts can incur the trouble. This superstition is due to the fact that the threshold remains in the minds of the people the border between the worlds, though no one today there is not burying the dead relatives and burying the corpse of a chicken in front of the building.

If you left the house, but then you had to back — roads

It is believed that if you have to go back and step through the door of the house, then completely lose their power. Superstitious people in such cases, look in the mirror and show her reflection language.

You cannot send the money and stuff through the door

If you handed the money over the threshold, then wait for financial problems. The energy of money loses its power.

The door can bring good luck

If you want to bring the house good luck and material wealth, put it under the threshold of the front door of a coin.

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