Advice 1: What superstitions and omens associated with the door

Not all modern people believe in omens. But enough and those for whom the fictions, myths and superstitions are not an empty sound. There are a great many signs, one way or another connected with the door.
What superstitions and omens associated with the door
Doors in the myths of many peoples was considered a place of an exit to other worlds, so it involves a lot of beliefs and superstitions. For the birth or death of the person, the door had a special meaning – it was believed that she was allowed to come soul to the world or to leave it. So the soul can do so without any obstacles, in anticipation of her arrival or departure all the doors were opened.
For example, it was believed that deliver safely and are easy to do, if you open the house doors and Windows.
To relief the condition of the labouring women has not only opened all doors, but the doors and drawers, cupboards, and so on.

Superstition of various countries associated with the door

In Germany people some time after the incident in the housing of death, try the door does not close – so you don't accidentally pinch your leaving soul. In Africa the rules are even more strict – debris cannot be swept out over the threshold for at least a year, so dust cannot damage the spirit of the deceased.

Quite common are superstitions. If suddenly a door opens by itself in the middle of the night, someone living there will soon have to bury. If the doors are off the hinges, it's a sure sign it will cause a fire. When you hear a door creaking, expected soon in trouble, and maybe housing will have to leave.

In those cases, when someone leaves at work or on the road, all doors and Windows must be closed for a while – it will help to stop gossip gossip, so they do not interfere to do it.

The impure force

People feared the evil spirits, in connection with which there is a superstition that one should not simultaneously open the inner and outer doors. It could cause break into their houses of evil spirits.

If we heard that someone knocked on the door, but there was no one, should be the sign of the cross and read "our father" - it will help to frighten off evil spirits. In Ancient Rome tried to cross the threshold of the house right foot only – to scare off evil.
The Romans even placed at the door of a special person who had to ensure that the threshold was crossed correctly.

In some places it was customary in a thunderstorm to open the door to enter the lightning was able to fly out. Omen was well known not only in those places where there was an abundance of ball lightning.

In some areas there is a superstition, according to which before the whole family went to sleep, the husband needs to close the front door. If this is not done, hassle spouses will last all night.

Should not be in front of the door to put the doll sitting a man will tend to leave the family. And young unmarried girls do not leave the door ajar – my husband is cheating.

Advice 2: What are superstitions about funerals

Unfortunately, the funeral of loved ones is inevitable. Death at all times and among all peoples has been surrounded by a certain aura of mystery. Perhaps that is why the funeral rite is one of the few rituals, surrounded by a large number of certain and superstitions.
Omens and superstitions at the funeral always adhered to and respected to this day
Omens and superstitions in the house of the deceased and the funeral has already become legends, and some of them even mandatory rules. For example, before the funeral in the house where the person died, it is necessary to curtain all the mirrors. According to superstition, if not to curtain the mirrors, the soul of the deceased can get lost, left to live there forever. Moreover, it is believed that it will scare all the inhabitants of this house, as you won't be able to leave this dimension and this world. There is another explanation for this superstition: if the deceased will be reflected in the mirrors, there will be the so-called "returning": the soul of the deceased will take with them someone from relatives or friends.
According to one funeral take, eyes the dead person should be required to close. In the early days this was done with copper coins, currently used for this modern large coins. Still there is a superstition that if the dead man will lie in a coffin with open eyes, it will kill someone standing next to people, because the deceased "looks out for" his "satellite" to the underworld.
Another sign says that the coffin must be put some coins, a comb and a handkerchief. Since ancient times people believed that this set will help to overcome the soul of the deceased a long way to heaven: it will be able to pay for the road, and to stand before the Lord in a tidy and respectable. There is another strange superstition, according to which in the coffin of the deceased not to put pictures of living people as their life is shortened. It's a superstition, really, weird, because hardly anyone will have a desire to be buried in the grave of his photo.
It is believed that many of the omens and superstitions that are performed at funerals, aimed at warding relatives and friends of the deceased from damage that can be imposed on them by bad people with the help of funeral requisite. One of the funeral superstition says that the hands and feet of the deceased already lying in a coffin should be bound with ropes. The fact that this method before (and now) living gave the dead rise from the grave and walk the earth, scaring people. Here with the help of these ropes witches and wizards put a spell on death. Care should be taken that the ropes weren't stolen.
Here are a few omens and superstitions at the funeral. Relatives and friends of the deceased can not carry the coffin and the coffin, as it may entail a series of deaths. It is impossible to cross the road along which the funeral procession passes, it can soon die or get seriously ill. Rain during a funeral is a good sign. It is believed that the soul of the deceased has gone to heaven, waiting for her repose and peace. In any case it is impossible to bring home flowers and other items from the cemetery is to the new grief. After returning home from the funeral, you need to rinse your hands.

Advice 3: How to close mouth gossiper

To hear stories about themselves from strangers is always unpleasant. Gossip and gossip has always existed and will exist. Motives of their actions and of the reasons why alien life is becoming more interesting to your, you can reveal a lot. But better to just get the gossiper to shut up when he starts to "wash someone's bones." After all, if he speaks about someone behind his back, most likely, he's doing it behind your back too.
How to close mouth gossiper

To give a solid response

The best solution to the problem is to put gossip into place, firmly marking out its position. If you became the witness of how someone began to discuss someone's life without the presence of discussed, you can soft or rough form to make it clear that gossip is a manifestation of human weakness. Most often, the gossips are the fact that in an open confrontation with them, no one enters, and it can be used. They object to nothing, because gossiping is really unworthy of self-respecting man.

You can use neutral phrases: "I don't want to talk about it", "I'm not interested", etc. you Can go stiffer if gossips don't understand the first time: "what do you have most of Masha/Petit/Claudia Ivanovna did not ask?", "Only behind my back to scratch much", etc.

If this happens in the workplace is likely this will have to face very often, so his position should be immediately and very clearly. Otherwise be drawn into a discussion of someone else's life will you.

To ignore what is happening

Another option how to deal with the problem of gossip, it is considered neglect. You can not pay attention to rumors, ostentatiously get up and leave when someone gets an unpleasant conversation, to include headphones and doesn't notice themselves or gossip, nor their violent activities. Someone knows how to do this tactfully without hurting the feelings of others, others think that, on the contrary, it is necessary to strongly emphasize the unacceptable behavior of gossip.

If the situation occurs at work, the best way of ignoring will work. No need to go and drink coffee with those who be sure to start a conversation about someone else or to inquire something from you. Better to do something to catch it in time and show that the work, first of all, you need to work. The one who really works, absolutely no time to chat with the gossip and focus on someone else's life.

To change the subject

A popular technique which can resist the spread of gossip, is considered a change of subject. So, hardly someone will begin its popular "A present...?", you can say: "Yes, it's still that, but about johnny Depp in the paper it says...". This, of course, will not stop the conversation, but it's better to let fans of the "wash up bones" discuss hardly familiar with them johnny Depp, what new Secretary of the boss or a sick employee.

In the office you can easily switch attention splenocolic at work. To translate the theme here is pretty easy too: "by the Way, guys, and report accurately last checked?" or "What happened to the holidays decided?". The options can be many, but, of course, gossip can not understand that so have you tried to quit their unpleasant conversation.

Advice 4: Folk omens and superstitions about pigeons

The pigeon is considered an urban bird, which lives side by side with man for many centuries. That is why the dove is associated with many folk and superstitions. It has long been believed that these birds know how to warn people about the danger and even predict future events.
Folk omens and superstitions about pigeons

People sign: the dove flew out the window

Do not immediately panic if suddenly the dove flew out the window. Traditionally, a harbinger of the imminent death of one of the household, but it's not as scary as it seems at first glance. If you think logically, live in towns and cities many pigeons, not surprisingly, that they can make mistakes and accidentally fly out the window. Another thing, if the window flew a pigeon sick and died right in the apartment.

For example, I used to live in the house where the neighbor all the time scattered bread crumbs on the window sill, hung near the window feeders and otherwise fed birds. Of course, that we have on the windowsill constantly crowded sparrows and pigeons, sometimes banging on the window and repeatedly flew in the open window. It is clear that nothing is meant, all family members were alive, and who died only of old age. No terrible tragedies in the house did not happen, so do not look for signs where they simply do not.

Should happen something extraordinary, to a pigeon flew into the window, really meant something.

People sign: the dove sat on the window sill

Again, this superstition has no Foundation. The people believed that ahead of you waiting for something terrible, if the dove sat by you on the window sill. It is believed that bad news can be bought off, if you pour pigeon grain or bread crumbs. In General, pokarmowy urban birds in any way useful.

Pigeon beats against the window

Also one of the bad omens. The people believed that you are waiting for bad news that will affect your plans.

However, I know cases where this sign is, by contrast, marked a very good event. A week after the dove knocked on the window, a friend found out she was pregnant. So it is impossible to interpret this omen by far. If the dove is beating at the window – wait for the news, but not necessarily bad.

You keep getting the same pigeon

If close you got the pigeon, he always arrives to you on the window sill, then be calm with you nothing bad will happen. Dove, who lives next door, protects you from harm and attracts good luck in the house.

It is believed that you send out positive energy, which attracts birds.

You hit by pigeon droppings

It is traditionally a good omen, promising a quick profit and success in financial matters. Dove gave you a kind of sign: get ready to receive the money, quietly wash dirty clothes and you will be happy.

To see a dead pigeon

It's a sure sign motorists. It is believed that if you hit a bird, then you need to be as careful as possible is a sign of the imminent crash.

Signs of white doves

To see a white dove – a good sign. You will find a large fortune. White doves are a rarity, as a rule, these birds derive only in special dovecotes. Unmarried girls a white dove portends a quick meeting with a good man, whom she soon married.

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