Buyers of supermarkets, and small shops often ask the question, what action have the right guards?

Need to know what form of guards gives them no authority, as they are not law enforcement officers.
The main task of security guards shopping is the observation of the buyers either directly or by monitors. In the case of violations they should call the police.

Security guards working in commercial networks, can be divided into two types: guards of private security companies – they are responsible for the safety of employees and customers; the guards of the security service that is responsible only for the safety of the goods on the shelves.

The powers and duties of security guards

The duties of the security guards to oversee the safety of goods and personnel and buyers. They should provide unimpeded entry and exit from the shop's sales floor, organize video surveillance.

Monitor the system of fire safety is the responsibility of the guards. All keys to the premises must be stored in designated areas under the supervision of security personnel.

The guards are required to come to work 15 minutes before the start of the shift, at the same time have to look neat.

Security guards in the performance of official duties shall have the right to inspect bags and packages of the staff after work, to avoid stealing goods from the store. They must monitor the importation and exportation of goods, to prevent theft of his porters or drivers.

The guards are forbidden

The guards are forbidden to come to work drunk, read books or gambling in the workplace. It is also prohibited to transfer the protection of the premises of other people.

The guards have no right to rummage in other people's bags or belongings, grab buyers hands. They are forbidden to use lethal weapons, swearing in front of customers, accuse or threaten.

If a security officer has violated one of these rules, you may seek the assistance of a police officer, it is better to have had witnesses of the situation. Employees of both the police and security required to provide you with their certificate.

For the done moral harm, you can go to court. You need to file a lawsuit at the place of residence. In this case, you need to attach witness statements to the case for a positive result.