Fingerprint registration in the Russian Federation called the fingerprints of the fingers and recording the fingerprint images in the respective database.

The procedure of fingerprinting was originally applied to persons subjected to criminal liability. On the basis of papillary lines of the fingers were made of the fingerprint card, which is then included in the file cabinets of the interior Ministry.

In addition to searching for criminals, the procedure of fingerprinting facilitates the identification of victims of disasters, local military conflicts, etc.

System ADIS

Modern fingerprinting methods of accounting allow you to quickly identify the person by his fingerprints. Russia operates an automated fingerprint information system (AFIS) able to identify the person only by one fingerprint. Earlier, when I used the fingerprint card, it was necessary to check all ten fingerprints.

The categories of citizens subject to compulsory dactyloscopic registration

In 1998 entered into force the law "On state fingerprinting registration in the Russian Federation" according to which the mandatory fingerprint registration is subject to several categories of citizens. These include people involved in criminal prosecution as well as persons engaged in hazardous work. The latter category includes military, MVD, FSB, SVR, FSKN, service tax, customs, ween and MOE, as well as members of the crews of civil aircraft. In addition, fingerprinting shall be the person who committed tort.

Voluntary dactyloscopic registration

In addition to mandatory fingerprinting, there is voluntary. Every citizen of our country has the right to address in territorial body of Federal Migratory Service and to bring the imprints of their fingers in ADIS.

To conduct voluntary fingerprint registration, the person must submit an application to the FMS and to provide a document proving his identity. The statement for registration can be submitted in electronic form on the portal of State services.

Upon completion of the person who passed voluntary dactyloscopic registration shall be issued corresponding certificate.