Such a sedative as Valerian effective for insomnia, nervous excitement, neurosis. This drug helps to gain balance, to get rid of stress. Too much excitement – not the most favorable condition for pregnant women. Breastfeeding also should not expose himself to suffering in order to maintain lactation. Like any other medication, Valerian requires therapy prescribed by a doctor and strict adherence to instructions.

How to take Valerian during pregnancy

The drug Valerian has the least number of side effects, mild sedative allows you to "pull yourself together" and cope with psychological stress accompanying pregnancy. Expectant mothers are prone to unrest not only because of hormonal changes, but also because of the uncertainty of the future, fear of childbirth, personal problems and other reasons.
Medicinal properties of Valerian were known in Ancient Greece. To release the drug, has beneficial effects on the nervous system, on an industrial scale began in the seventeenth century.

Sedative tranquilizer drug prescribed for depression, migraines, insomnia, nervous excitability. You should also know that during pregnancy your doctor may prescribe Valerian to relieve spasms in the gastrointestinal tract. Besides, common Valerian can improve health of the pregnant woman with tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, arterial hypertension.

When taking Valerian medicinal during pregnancy must take into account that this drug has the effect immediately. Valerian has a cumulative but steady action. Make the product in the form of tablets, but if you have only a drop of a small dose much harm pregnant will bring.

Valerian breastfeeding – the nuances of accepting

Nursing mothers also can take such a sedative as Valerian. However, be aware that this drug will have an effect on the mother and the baby. When receiving Valerian drug during lactation should strictly adhere to the dosage, because the active substances will enter the breast milk. Basically Valerian lactating women appointed to the three-hours – not more than one pill at one time (three tablets daily).

As during pregnancy, after childbirth you can not use Valerian in the form of alcoholic tinctures. Shouldn't drink and decoctions, extracts of the rhizomes of the plant. Usually while breastfeeding Valerian drinking in courses over a few weeks or days.
Valerian is available not only in tablets, but the drops, and in the form of crushed plant material. For the manufacture of powder is used the root of Valerian.

When taking Valerian during lactation need to monitor the possibility of allergic reaction in a child. Also, this drug may have the opposite effect for baby – soft stimulating instead of calming. Can medication cause drowsiness, lethargy in infants. So drink Valerian is only in the case of pharmacy means will not affect the health of the baby.